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The Newcastle International Comedy Festival | 23-26 May

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We chat to three of the women showcasing their wittiness at the Newcastle International Comedy Festival happening just next weekend
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This year marks the debut of the Newcastle International Comedy Festival, and festival organiser, Andrew Milos, has made a real emphasis of showcasing a diverse range of comedians and bringing in some seriously good female talent.

With the Newcastle International Comedy festival kicking off just next week, we thought what better way to get excited for it than having a chat with some of the wittiest women in the business.

Sarah Gaul

From Muswellbrook, Sarah Gaul is an award-winning musical comedienne, playwright, improvisor and writer. Described as a musically funny feminist, Sarah’s sets combination of music and comedy create something pretty bloody brilliant!

The comedy industry is a mainly male-dominated scene and it's so awesome to see more strong women like yourself bringing your jokes to the forefront.
“Thank you! It sure is. I'm pretty used to being one of a few women, or the only woman, in any given comedy line up. This is slowly changing as audience demand grows for diverse voices + stories.
“One of the most important things to me is creating spaces where people can feel welcome, and explore comedy safely (without fear of being judged, or heckled) - open mics, workshops, classes, comedy jams etc.”

I hear that a lot of female comedians hate this question, 'What do you love about being a woman in the comedy scene,' so naturally, I've got to ask that question. Give me your best answer!
“Ask anything you want - I don't really hate any questions except 'are you done with that' when I clearly haven't finished my pizza. Like honestly have some respect.
“What I love most about being a woman in the comedy scene is meeting other female comics, exchanging stories, or even chatting to people after my show and hearing how they relate to my material (or have eerily similar stories to me).”


Where: The Happy Wombat
When: 26 May | 4pm
Tickets: click here



Nikki Britton

Nikki Britton has exploded onto the Australian comedy scene with her lightning-paced wit and storytelling prowess. Her set, Once Bitten, is a brand spanking new hour of stand-up that you don’t want to miss.

What got you into comedy?
“It was a bit of an accident to be honest. I never thought I would do this as a career, but a friend dared me to enter a comedy competition and it went surprisingly well. That was 9 years ago and I have just kept writing and performing since then. And vodka. That definitely helped get me into comedy.”

What can show goers expect from your sets across the Festival?
“A lot of energy and warmth. My style has been described as sharing a bottle of Pinot with your best friend and that is what I'll be bringing to Newy.”

Where: The Happy Wombat
When: 25 May | 7pm
Tickets: click here

Bec Charlwood

Originating from Perth, Bec has performed around the country at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Sydney Comedy Store, and even more recently at Splendour in the Grass.

What got you into comedy?
“In 2014 I was dating a guy who really wanted to be a standup comedian, he planned his set for weeks then we went to an open mic together and in the moment I thought it looked like fun so I jumped on stage as well. I was terrible but as a woman it was just really nice to talk for 4 minutes straight with out being interrupted.
“That guy quit after his first gig and 5 years later I'm a lot better at comedy and now I get to speak for a whole hour without being interrupted. Which is even longer than a man usually speaks. It's very exciting.”

Hit us with a joke, one that you use to think was the BOMB, but your better comedic self now knows it's more of a bomb than THE bomb...
“I used to have a joke where I'd say "I was born in a place called Fanny Bay but then again aren't we all." Actually, that's quite funny I might start using it again.”

Where: The Happy Wombat
When: 25 May | 5pm
Tickets: click here


Catch all of the girls’ sets at The Happy Wombat over the weekend or get a glimpse at the Gala night with 11 comics crammed into a two hour show.

For the full line-up, click here.


The Happy Wombat, 575 Hunter St
Newcastle West 2302
Newy Comedy Fest
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