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You can never go wrong with a glass of wine

Wine is in fact a necessity to a fabulous life

You can never go wrong with a glass of wine Image
The chance of a great night is instantly increased.
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I am no expert when it comes to wine, but I do love it, just about any shape or form of it! A glass of wine at night whilst cooking dinner, a glass on a Sunday afternoon with girlfriends, or a few too many on a Saturday night before hitting the dance floor.
So in honour of Wine Month and with the Lovedale Long Lunch in the Hunter Valley just under two weeks away, here are a few things to remind you how good wine is and that it is, in fact, a necessity to a fabulous life.
1. Confidence…obviously!
We all know a little bit of wine is a great confidence booster when out. Wine gives you the courage to walk up to the cute guy at the bar or leads to in-depth bathroom chats with randoms you will never see again.
2. The perfect Instapic.
When there is wine there is bound to be an Insta pic opportunity, whether it’s a classic boomerang of glasses cheering or just a pic on your own without awkwardly wondering what to do with your hands, the wine glass has you covered.
3. The chance of a great night is instantly increased
From personal experience, including wine in your night brings it straight up to an 8/10 before it has even truly begun.
4. When you go out for wine, amazing food is usually guaranteed
The first thing my friends and I suggest when we mention wine is cheese, so yeah, amazing! Then there is pizza, pasta…pretty much wine and the food come hand in hand.

Hunter Valley smelly cheese shop

5. You feel classy AF!
Even the most bogan of us all can feel classy and like a proper adult adulting with a glass of wine in hand.
So not just this month but all year round, let’s celebrate the amazing wine Australia and our own Hunter Valley have to offer and have a glass (or a few bottles) of wine.
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