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One year on and the locals of Wallsend are still loving it

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Blogging every day of it, just built this community and it was just unbelievable…people still come in and say, I read the blog!
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Are year on Rianna and Jack Bingham are still bringing some much-needed coffee culture to the Wallsend community, and the locals are loving it! 

Wildflower Espresso came to fruition following a blog that the pair started in the lead-up to their wedding last year; the 100daywedding. Sharing the highs, the lows and all that lies in-between, the couple found they were constantly being offered help,

“Suddenly our wedding had a big community of people that wanted to help.”

This concept of building a community surrounding them and their passions seemed to have had a lasting effect, and with the idea of starting up a cafe, Rianna thought,

“Is it crazy to do this in 100 days?”

Both local to Newcastle, the pair moved to Elermore Vale last year and were tired of venturing into town for a decent cup of coffee.

“Living out at Elermore Vale, that’s when we realised there aren't heaps of coffee options out here.”

The young couple say they’ve always wanted to open up a cafe, and with little responsibilities; no children and no mortgage, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

I was walking around here with a friend, trying to find the perfect space…face pressed to every vacant window along Nelson Street…this space was empty and was bright yellow! I think it has literally been everything in its life.”

Continuing on their 100 day journey, the 100daycafe was born with nothing but a clear dream and some serious drive.

“Blogging every day of it, just built this community and it was just unbelievable…people still come in and say, I read the blog!”

In just over 100 days, Wildflower Espresso came to life. Situated in an old abandoned furniture store, Wildflower Espresso brings some quirk and caffeine to Wallsend.

Wildflower Espresso, 71 Cowper St
Wallsend 2287
0479 123 143
Mon 6am-12.30pm
Tue 6am-12.30pm
Wed 6am-12.30pm
Thu 6am-12.30pm
Fri 6am-12.30pm
Sat 6am-12.30pm
Sun closed
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