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What's So Hot About Adelaide Right Now?

Apart from being Newcastle Airport's newest destination. So we asked a local. Ollie Margan

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Originally from the Hunter Valley, Ollie now calls Adelaide home and at 24 years of age he is doing what most early twenty somethings do... spending loads of time in bars & restaurants.
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One big difference though, Ollie actually runs and co-owns three bars: the speakeasy-style Maybe Mae, the Japanese inspired Shobosho and the much-loved Bread & Bone.

Leaving the Hunter Valley some five years ago Ollie pretty much calls Adelaide home these days, firmly entrenched in his growing empire of food and booze.

Outside of Ollie's trio we'd also heard lots of rumours about Adelaide's hot new foodie and bar scene, including the quirky Pink Moon Saloon (see above from
The Japanese flavours and stylish interiors of Shoshobo.

So when we heard that Newcastle Airport added Adelaide to its list of direct destinations we wanted to chat to someone who knows the southern city like-a-local and find out why we should all be jumping on a plane to visit!
Bread & Bone
Specialising in wood grill and damn fine burgers - Bread & Bone

So firstly Ollie, good news that Adelaide is now on a direct flight path to Newcastle Airport, it will make coming home a whole lot easier.

I can't wait for flights to be direct out of Newcastle, that will be a godsend! My family are all in Newcastle so I come back regularly.Ollie Margan
Ollie behind the bar at Maybe Mae. Image courtesy of Australian Bartender.

You moved to Adelaide five years ago to study winemaking at Uni, and you're still here, life must be good?

Adelaide is surprisingly similar to Newcastle - in that it is essentially a big country town on the coast. By the same token, it doesn’t have the 24/7 operational times as Melbourne and Sydney. It's laid back, polite and a whole lot of fun! However, the beaches are a lot calmer around the city compared to Newcastle, and the water is significantly colder.

When you’re not at work what do you most like to do?

I like to get out of the city, either down the south coast to places like Aldinga where I stay at the Victory Hotel (one of my favourite pubs in the world) or go for a drive in the Adelaide Hills where there is a whole bunch of great wineries and restaurants such as Lost in a Forest, The Summertown Aristologist and The Lane.The Summertown Aristologist
The Summertown Aristologist.


That's a big call to say The Victory Hotel is the best pub in the world?

I love jumping in the car and driving down the coast to the Victory Hotel. It's barely an hour away and it's the most amazing pub with arguably the best beer garden views in the country, looks out over the southern coastline. They serve non-pretentious, super tasty food, with the most amazing cellar at bottle shop prices. The best part is they have a few holiday cabins onsite, so driving isn't an issue. Great place to escape to with your significant other.


We love our cocktails, where are the best bars to get them at in Adelaide?

If ever I feel that way inclined (excluding Maybe Mae of course) Proof, Pink Moon Saloon,  Hains and Co. and Clever Little Tailor are my go-to's.

What are your top 5 go-to restaurants?

You can't go past Osteria Oggi, Africol Bistro Blackwood, of course, Shōbōsho and Peel St.

Cafes, do you have any favourites?

I've got a couple I visit regularly, Whistle and FluteHey Jupiter and the Pink Moon Deli.

Hey JupiterHey Jupiter Brasserie Francaise 

Shopping scene. Is there a district or markets in Adelaide that offers an artisan scene?

Hard to go past the Central Markets for produce, so much variation, most sourced hyper-locally. Rundle Mall is the main shopping drag and has all the essentials. Head down to Rundle Street for more boutique stores, and Ebenezer Place has markets occasionally. 
Adelaide Central Markets
Adelaide Central Market

Which events should we be adding to our diaries?

February to April is when all the festivals occur (Fringe Festival, Writers Festival, Adelaide Festival, WOMAD, Clipsal) and the city really lights up. Otherwise, Adelaide Oval is arguably one of the best sporting arenas in the country to watch AFL or Cricket.


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