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The Lock Up

Experience Rosie Deacon’s new exhibition at The Lock Up | 5 Dec-31 Jan 

Challenging the perceptions of contemporary art, Rosie Deacon’s immersive new installations feature bright pops of colour and funky familiar materials to create an imaginary realm for the audience to step outside their daily reality. 

Her work encompasses various and accessible materials, the ‘everyday junk’ of society such as synthetic eyelashes stuck together with things like fluorescent paint, expanding foam, jewels, glitter stickers and clay.

How do I know If my Parrot is Happy draws on psychedelic colour patterns formulated by an infinite process of merging and layering different materials to produce a single final form. 

“My installations are immersive and site-specific. I try to push colour and materials into overload, to transform the space into a new, strange environment,” Rosie said.

Located in one of Newcastle’s most significant heritage buildings, The Lock-Up provides dark and sombre spaces for Rosie’s installation to come to life.

Growing up in Nyngan, Central West NSW, biomorphic sculptural works of comical trees, wildlife and environmental details reflect the flora and fauna of Rosie’s youth.

An important part of Rosie’s upbringing that influenced her art included making a welcoming home, country fetes and street stall sales, country craft classes at the local sewing store and making gifts for people.

“Objects and recyclables were a big theme growing up, using these pieces to make sculptures for your garden, or a giant and absurd letter box made from discarded tractor parts.

“I would walk around the farm with my Grandmother, finding interesting branches and seed pods that we crafted into willy wagtail wall hangings.”

As a processed-based artist, Rosie’s work is often made in-situ with community volunteers using everyday recyclable materials including cardboard, timber, Papier Mache, and various other collected forms, directly referring to the environment around us. 

“I like to build using offcuts and discarded junk from the area, and source materials from local op-shops and garage sales.”

Rosie has always wanted to know what animals are thinking and her ideas for the exhibition have been in the works for over 2 years. Rosie spent her time experimenting with sculptures in her studio and slowly but spectacularly bringing to life an imaginary wonderland for birds. 

“I think the idea came from a Ferris wheel ride for birds, a toy my Mum made for her budgerigars, made from a bicycle wheel, dowel and found metal pieces.”

From then she started looking at parrot stands people were making and selling on Facebook marketplace. 

“I find them to be fantastic stand-alone sculptural pieces, and was inspired to make an oversized, abstract, bird adventure playground.”

Where:The Lock-up
When: 5 Dec-31 Jan
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The Lock Up

90 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 1000 - 1600