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I've Got 99 Problems And Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them | 4 Feb

Award-winning comedian and ABC journalist Ange Lavoipierre is bringing her brand new show - I've Got 99 Problems And Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them to Newcastle's very own Comedy Club.

I’m sorry to hear about your 99 problems, but why are you bringing them to Newcastle Comedy Club? Doesn’t a venue opening in the middle of a pandemic have enough of its own?

In many ways 99 is a poor effort in the context of a pandemic so I wanted to get to triple digits and I thought Newcastle Comedy Club could help. Actually though, I saw the Club was opening and got really really excited, because so many great Sydney venues have closed lately - as much as it’s a hard time to be in the arts, we (Australians) desperately need venues like this one, and I personally desperately need to perform again for my health and sanity. 

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Photo credit: Joseph Mayers

Last time we saw you in Newcastle, you had us all singing heathenistic Christmas carols in February. Can we expect any further audience participation in 99 Problems?

Yes but I have a strict policy of making it incredibly easy for people. It’s like a comedy alley-oop. As someone who habitually opts for the ‘freeze’ response in the fight/flight binary, I want people to be comfortable. Which is why I tend to give them actual lines. During every performance of my 2019 show Final Form, I would make an audience member pretend to be my actual father for the whole hour, but even then, I gave the person lines. And I promise not to go that far again. At least not this year. 

It sounds like this new show is chock full of self pity. Why would anyone want to hear about that?

I admit it sounds like that, but actually there’s hardly any self pity. There’s a lot of chat about spiders, which I would argue is a much greater challenge to most people than the modest, tasteful amount of self pity I’ve wisely included in this show. 

Do you have any advice for any arachnophobes in the audience?

I personally guarantee there are no actual spiders in this show. Which means, statistically, you’re more likely to meet one by not attending. It’s not advice, but it is something to think about. 

What’s next for Ange Lavoipierre?

I would like to spend this year doing the show for as many people in as many different places around the world as humanly possible. Historically there’s been a somewhat low ceiling on my touring capacity because of being a full time ABC journalist, but 2022, having already got off to an hilarious start, is going to be mostly about comedy. Has a protracted pandemic made the task of extensive touring as hard, if not harder than full time work ever could have? Yes. But people who set realistic goals don’t get into comedy in the first place, so I’m going to give it a try.

Ange Lavoipierre: I've Got 99 Problems And Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them

When: Friday 4th February
Time: 7pm - 8pm
Cost: $30pp
To book: click here

Hero photo credit: Monica Pronk

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