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Wests Cruise Vacays Nov 2019

Una Volta

Authentic Italian made with love on King St

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You often hear people talk about packing their bags and moving to an exotic country to live like a local and experience the culture first hand. For most it's just a nice dream but for Nikki Bondini it was more than just talk with Nikki's love of travel and years of working in the food industry drawing her to Europe, in particular Italy, where she worked, ate and cooked her way around the country.

Spending most of her time in the northern Dolomites region Nikki worked on farms and in chalets quickly falling in love with the slower paced Italian food culture and their emphasis on using only seasonal and daily produce. With each region over the centuries developing their own dishes and distinct way of preparing their meals, it was this passion and food obsession that Nikki was drawn to.

On returning home to Newcastle, Nikki set out to find a space that would allow her to recreate her Italian experience, something small and intimate where her guests could relax and experience the delicious scribbled down recipes Nikki discovered along the way.

Una Volta, Italian restaurant Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

Una Volta, Italian restaurant Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

Discreetly located on 110 King St, Una Volta is the result of Nikki's searching for the perfect space that would allow her to replicate the Italian trattoria experience. What Una Volta offers you is three relaxing courses set to candlelight and live tunes, with the always evolving menu inspired, and lovingly sourced, with the produce, flavour and quality always kept in mind. A big part of Una Volta is Nikki's sister, Alicia Jayne, who takes care of all the sweeter dishes and together with Nikki on the pots and pans they make a formidable team.

Una Volta, Italian restaurant Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

So if you're wanting to experience a little bit of Italy send Nikki a text and make your reservation this weekend.

Una Volta
Newcastle 2300
0434 700 257
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