Tea Gardens


Casual dining in the seaside town of Tea Gardens

You almost feel like you're dining in some quaint little french town, only much closer to home.

Located in the quiet little seaside town of Tea Gardens, Tillermans has been a dining favourite amongst those in the foodie know for a long time. For owners Kerry and Peter Hodges, the restaurant has been a dream come true with the couple wanting to bring to the area a restaurant that showcased its fresh local produce with a Modern Australian flavour. 

Not new to the restaurant scene by any means, prior to arriving in Tea Gardens back in 1996, Peter and Kerry were previously of Pigalle Café in Wollongong and the award winning restaurant Rebekka’s at Bright in Victoria. Their experience and absolute passion for food and hospitality is evident in every dish they serve.

Chatting with Kerry she explains that their menu is a little unique with the couple creating a new 3-course set menu each week.

Not even the Hodges' know what’s going to be making an appearance until sometimes even the night before. Instead, their menu selections are made based on what’s fresh at the markets and sometimes even what’s happening with the weather. 

And 3-course set menu you ask, what’s that all about?

Something else you should know about Peter and Kerry is their strong connection and love of all things French. Kerry explains that when they first started visiting France many years ago they noticed that at all cafes and restaurants offered a workers lunch, that being a 3-course set menu, with a bottle of wine of course, all for about 12 or 13 euros.

Peter and Kerry’s connection to France is so engrained that the couple not only bought themselves a property in the rural village of Sigoulès but now share their love of the country with those wishing to explore hosting a 2-week food, wine, language and relaxation tour of the Dordogne region each year.

You may not be able to get to France anytime soon but we recommend you taking a drive, or Ferry from Nelson Bay and exploring sometime very soon.


77 Marine Drive, Tea Gardens, NSW, 2324

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