Peel Inn Hotel

Nundle doesn't disappointment when it comes to classic country pubs

We sent our lovely photographer, Bronte, out on a road trip to Nundle a couple of weeks back to shoot some stunning homes and get a feel for the town itself. Bronte’s always up for a trip to the country and a freebie, and of course a visit to Nundle would not be complete without a night out at the Peel Inn Hotel.

In our experience, one of the best things about visiting the little country towns of Australia is having a meal and a couple, or quite a few, beers at the local. Not only do these pubs have loads of character, but always come with plenty of characters within.

Nundle is no different with the Peel Inn Hotel being an absolute gem.

When it comes to dining in Nundle there may not be a whole bunch of options, but, the handful of restaurants that are there are doing a top notch job.

This gorgeous old pub has an awesome beer garden out the back that comes to life with hundreds of fairy lights, and an equally impressive pub menu, that could easily take on the big city folk.

This was Bronte’s take on the pub and her meal, we couldn’t have put it any better ourselves,

“So the photo doesn't really do it justice, it actually tasted way better than what it looks, and they also had really good salads! Pubs never have a good salad. The trout was tasty af, which made it hard to be patient and pick the delicate bones out but yeah real smokey (they serve it smoked or fresh/ hot or cold - I got hot smoked) do people really eat cold trout?”

If you love your trout then it really is a must order. The pub source their Rainbow Trout from the award winning Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm who have been hatching and growing the finest Rainbow Trout for more than thirty years. The farm itself is just outside of the Nundle village making it easy to visit and even try your hand at catching your own plump trout in the fish-out dam.