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Some tips on keeping it fun for everyone

If you're considering taking your four-legged friends to your go-to caravan park these holidays, there’s a few things you need to consider.

Just last week our photographer Sophie Tyler decided to take a mini-break with her gorgeous Staffy pups Sega and Murphy. With pooches prepped and the car loaded Soph and her significant other (Wade) headed north to Reflections Holiday Parks in Hawks Nest for a weekend away. 

Crazy in love with her pups Soph often takes them on mini-breaks so knows a thing or two about how to holiday with them, and with the holiday season fast approaching we thought it was appropriate to get some hot tips on how to keep your mini-break fun for everyone.

Make sure they're micro-chipped

This might seem like an obvious one, but the last thing you want is to have your pet run away while you're on holidays and not be able to find them. Sure there's ways to avoid this from happening, but sometimes your dog has a mind of its own, so best to be safe and not sorry. Make sure your dog is micro-chipped and all of their information is up to date.

Is the caravan park you're staying at (really) dog-friendly?

Before even leaving home spend some time researching what you're going to do with your dog while you're away and ask, is it really dog-friendly? This includes looking at the Caravan Park’s pet policies and knowing which parks, cafes, beaches and other areas are dog friendly. 

Reflections Holidays Parks offer more than 20 dog-friendly locations, which is a great place to start.

Is your pup a good car dog?

Accommodation is booked, but it’s a few hours’ drive away. Have you done a long haul car journey with your dog before? Are they anxious? Do they get car sick? Or do they just LOVE getting in the car because they know an adventure awaits them? Whichever it might be, be prepared by taking them on shorter ones to begin with or even talk to your vet to get some ideas on how to keep them calm while travelling.

Remember to take breaks on the car trip

Just like a child, your dog needs time to run around, eat some food, burn some energy and go to the toilet! If you’re in the car for an extended period of time, remember to pull over and take a break. And hey, why not make some fun out of it? Find the closest dog-friendly beach or park and spend an hour or so getting to enjoy an extra little break on your way to your destination.

Take a good supply of their food

There's nothing worse than feeling sick on holidays, and your pets probably agree. With lots of changes in the daily routine happening, it’s smart to stick with their usual diet, especially if they’re on a special one. So, make sure to pack plenty so you don’t run out!

Pack their bedding

You know how you like taking your own pillows with you on holiday? Well, so do your dogs! If you’re camping there’s a good chance you probably don’t want your pup curling up into bed with you, and if you’re staying in one of the dog-friendly cabins at a Reflections Holiday Park, your pets can’t get on the furniture so make sure to just take their beddings with you.

Put them on a long chain

If you’re camping and planning on spending a lot of time around your set-up, pop your pooches on a long chain so they can still explore a big area around them without wandering freely around the park.

Don’t forget to exercise them

You won’t want your dog panting around the cabin or caravan late in the night, so make sure to give them plenty of exercise every day so they too can sleep through the night.

Your pups are going to have the best time rolling around on the beach and sniffing all the new smells on the bushland trails. Spend the days roaming and exploring together, time relaxing in the shade or even making friends with other doggy guests.

So, stop feeling guilty about abandoning your pet while you pack your bags and just take them with you!


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