Now that we can get travelling again - here's what you can expect

Never before have we been so excited to see the 1st June click over on the calendar. The colder months aren’t usually our preferred, however, this year June 1st happens to coincide with the date that we can officially get travelling again, albeit within the borders of NSW, not that we’re complaining of course.

Regional towns need us city folk now more than ever and if the idea of camping or cabining sounds ideal then you’re spoilt for choice.

nsw reopens for travel

NSW has some seriously amazing camping locations so selecting a destination will be more the issue. However, before you pack the car there are a few things you need to know. Life has of course changed so what can we expect at check-in and how will camping life work with social distancing rules in place.

Interested to know just what we can expect we spoke with Reflections Holiday Park CEO Steve Edmonds to get some of our questions answered.

Steve the tourism industry has taken a battering for many months now, especially those down south, it must be exciting to see your parks reopen again?

Absolutely, we’re pleased to return to normal operations from 1 June, regional townships have done it tough and struggled through drought, fires and now a pandemic. Our parks are in the most sensational destinations throughout NSW and we are proud to encourage travel to support these regional destinations.

nsw reopens for travel

Do you see park and camping life changing dramatically?

Visitors to our holiday parks and community reserves will naturally see changes as we continue to manage the risk of COVID-19 to keep everyone safe. We’ve been working with park staff to ensure measures have been put in place to increase the safety of guests, so they can still enjoy a perfect holiday whether it's staying in cabin accommodation, camping with their caravans or pitching a tent.

Much of the appeal of staying at caravan parks is the social aspect, how will areas such as the camp kitchens operate?

We have introduced limits on the number of people in enclosed spaces such as reception, camp kitchen, laundries and communal facilities. Markers and signage have also been installed advising of the number of people that are able to enter a space as well as the importance of maintaining physical distancing

There will also be an increased expectation for guests to abide by personal hygiene such as hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser and just generally practicing good cough/sneeze etiquette.

nsw reopens for travel

Your parks have fantastic facilities for the kids, will there be any changes to these?

Some of our park facilities will be closed for the time being such as playgrounds and swimming pools, it’s recommended that guests speak to the individual parks about this at the time of booking.

The beauty of staying at any one of our coastal and country parks is that they offer fresh air and relaxation and encourage healthy outdoor activities which is ideal for families looking to getaway.

Whether you're looking to head north, west or south you'll have no problems discovering a spectacular corner of our state and expericencing the awesome hospitality that comes with traveling throughout regional NSW.