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Planet Fitness - Spring it in Spring September

The Tea Collective

New location on Darby Street

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Whilst we fell in love with Becci at the Tea Collective on our first visit way back in 2015, with her delicious teas and hilarious attitude to life, we’re excited to say that we've fallen in love all over again at their new premises on Darby Street. Situated above The Autumn Rooms, this new space is gorgeously refined with over 150 teas to pick from, not to mention their delicious High Tea menu.

Tea Collective

Made fresh onsite Becci wowed us with her three-tiered high tea displays of savoury and sweet bites that include a range of perfectly cut finger sandwiches, our fave, the Shaved Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Camembert and Alfalfa Sandwich. There were also the Mini Quiches & Zucchini Muffins, Stuffed Mushrooms and those yummy Crudités

After devouring the savouries we moved onto the tiers of French Petit Fours and seasonal fruits, which Becci changes up each time so I won’t rave on about how good the caramel banoffee and chocolate éclair were in case you don't get them on your visit.

Tea CollectiveIf savoury is your preference switch out the sweet and order a dumpling high tea instead. Also made fresh each day these flavoursome little bundles can actually be ordered at any time and make for the perfect compliment to a beautiful cup of hot tea. 

Just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, or shouldn't, Becci brings on out a plate of homemade scones that are so delicious they put grandma's to shame, sorry gran! With a combination of freshly made ginger and strawberry jam and cream, the scones come complete with a sprinkling of tea on top.
Tea Collective
Another must have is one of Becci’s glasses of Iced Tea. Changing with the seasons Lavender and Lychee was being served on our visit, light on the palate it's a refreshing take on the hot tea options.


Those with dietary requirements won’t be left wandering Darby St, Becci has a menu for vegans, gluten free and or whatever dietary needs may be, just call ahead to discuss.
To avoid disappointment book your seat at least 7 days in advance
For all High Tea prices Click Here
Tea Collective
For those keen to just sit and enjoy a cuppa or two, choose between more than 150 teas that Becci's keen for you to smell your way through. Becci explains, there is a science behind the perfect cup of tea - and as Westerners we brew our tea for a long time, and all the tannins come out, then we add milk and sugar to soften the flavour again. The best cup of tea is the perfect combination of four elements: the water, the tea, the temperature and the time.
Starting with the water - it has gone through a twin filtration system to remove the chlorine, sediment, bacteria and heavy metals. The tea - is up to you to choose. Then the temperature control - is dependent on the tea, with Black Tea and Oolong Tea brewed at a much higher temperature, compared to Green Tea. Then there's the time - each brew is timed, to control the flavour, astringency and bitterness. Then as it's served the tea leaves are removed from your pot of tea - meaning all three cups of tea in the pot will taste identical, rather than getting stronger and more bitter each time. 
Tea Collective
Becci even has a Novocastrian breakfast tea - with the same flavour profile as a Hunter Valley Semillon, this deliciously crisp tea is abundant with citrus aromas. It has a unique flavour of vanilla and honey, giving it a depth and richness that makes this the perfect, decadent morning cup.
So why not take yourself on a sensory explosion and check out the Tea Collective on Darby Street.
The Tea Collective
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