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Wests Lemon Drop
Wests Lemon Drop

The Kindness Project

The Posy Post presents The Kindness Project

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It’s important to seek opportunities for kindness whether that’s a kindness to the ones we love or kindness to ourselves. It’s what makes us human. Kindness separates us from every other living thing.
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True kindness can never be counterfeit, imitated or bought. The kindness we are talking about is doing something with no thought of any return, it’s being generous and placing others before ourselves. True kindness is consistent even when circumstances are not. The Posy Post has the pleasure of witnessing people's kindness every single day.



With that in mind, The Posy Post are starting The Kindness Project. They are challenging you to show kindness in some way, daily. The Posy Post are giving away one posy every day for the next two weeks. To get your hands on one of their gorgeous bunches, tag one of your Facebook friends who needs to be reminded of how great they really are. Because let's be honest every bit of kindness counts!

"They say to throw kindness around like confetti, So that’s what we’re doing. Only instead of confetti, we’ve got petals". 

Check out the Posy Post blog here for more info.


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