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The Green Altar

Opens at The Station

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Second Gen growers from Desert Sunday Co launch their new concept store.
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The wellness and conscious movements of our time have helped us to stop and reflect on the importance of our mental health, in a fast-paced and challenging world, and how much of a role our dwelling spaces and environments have to play in our happiness. Marie Kondo possibly articulated it the best, coining the phrase of this generation, does it spark joy?

Whether naming all your indoor plants, talking to them daily and setting up an Instagram account for them is what sparks joy for you, or you just love bringing greenery into your dwelling space, there's something about plants - connecting with something so natural and living, that inherently sparks joy for everyone.

“We call it the Eden Factor...there's well documented research around the healing and health benefits to owning and caring for plants, or being in a garden, and there's nothing that makes us happier than seeing people's faces when they walk past our space for the first time.



“Our vision for The Green Altar is to feel like a walk in the forest, right in the heart of the Newcastle CBD. Far from the hustle and bustle of regular retail, we want to create an experience that connects people to nature and gives them the time to stop and reflect on the human desire to grow things,” Amanda tells us.

With the urbanisation of our spaces, rise in apartment living and growing awareness of our responsibility as environmental citizens, there is a rising move toward urban gardening, house plants and making sustainable choices in the things we purchase.

The Green Altar by Desert Sunday Co inspires those interested in indoor plants, urban gardening and sustainable living, providing them access to quality fresh plants and expert grower's advice.

“The store showcases our love for all things green and growing and also features handcrafted and sustainable items from the local small business community.”

Envisage a cactus display surrounded by terracotta pots, a green archway of hanging vine plants, a low light corner section suitable for both offices and home apartments, a room full of sustainable kitchenwares, locally made ceramic vessels and lifestyle products aimed at reducing waste. Locally grown ferns, succulents, orchids and accent foliage to suit the newbies through to the collectors and enthusiasts alike, as well as a small collection of plant-based clothing and apparel.

The Green Altar is far from ordinary. With their wholesale family nursery and close relationships with local suppliers, Desert Sunday Co have ready access to a diverse range of fresh and interesting stock and will keep their audience engaged through the running of hands on workshops and collaborations in the space, such as plant care, propagation and macramé.

“The space gives us the opportunity to further grow our plant loving community, giving them a regular space to connect, form new relationships and pursue their interests and passions.”

Andrew and Amanda are the team behind Desert Sunday Collective, and say they are lucky to be born into a family that draws on 40 years of local experience in the Garden and Nursery Industry.

“We are passionate about reviving the industry and bring new life to the CBD while bringing the love of plants to a new generation.

“I literally spent my days as a kid in a retail store connected to my Dad's wholesale nursery and watched on as my mother grew her retail business into the local town...she's just recently celebrated 20 years in her current retail nursery and if I was to be honest, I've always dreamed of building something amazing like she has.” 

Desert Sunday Co have been connecting Newcastle and the Hunter to quality, locally grown stock with a focus on affordability, from their family business and other local suppliers, for close to three years now. They have a proud history of partnership, collaboration and activating spaces.

Well known for their House Plant Revival pop-up events at the Edwards Bar and old Carrington Fruit Factory, the team are passionate about collaboration and contributing to the local community. In the past 6 months, with a commitment to contributing to positive change, Desert Sunday Collective has contributed to or donated close to $16,500 to local grassroots charities through their plants for people initiative.

“We are very excited about launching at The Station Newcastle because it gives us the opportunity to join a community focussed on collaboration and bringing vibrancy to our city and surrounds.”

The Green Altar can be found at Shop 1 & 1A,  at the old Newcastle Train Station, right next to Wildflower City for your caffeination convenience.

110 Scott St
Newcastle 2300
0428 540 187
Mon closed
Tue closed
Wed 10am-4pm
Thu 10am-4pm
Fri 10am-4pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 12pm-4pm
1: -32.926357
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