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Newcastle's first ramen restaurant

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Since opening their doors back in 2018 Susuru has become the go-to for all those Ramen and Dumpling cravings.
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Using authentic Japanese methods and flavours and an expertise that's come with a long career in the eats industry, we chat to owner Taiyo Namba who explained to us,

“Initially, we started with lightly flavoured broths for our noodles to cater for a wide variety of tastes. The response to our initial offerings was amazing, but now that we’ve been open for a while we’ve been able to work out what our customers want, and have now created a new menu to reflects this.”
Along with the enhanced flavours for their ramen and gyoza, Susuru have plenty of options for vegans and some tasty new dishes including Kara-Age Chicken Wings (that's Fried Chicken Wings with Spicy Mayonnaise), Agedashi Tofu (Japanese-style fried tofu), Korokke (crab and potato croquettes) and Lotus Crisps.

Brought to you by the team behind the much-loved Honeysuckle Japanese restaurant, Nagisa, owner Taiyo Namba and Head Chef Chris Schofield are bringing to Newcastle its first Ramen and Gyoza restaurant

Fascinated with the multi-layered process involved in producing two of Japan’s most popular comfort foods – ramen and gyoza, Taiyo said,

"The essence of truly great ramen comes from taking the utmost care in the preparation of each ingredient and extracting their flavours over many hours to produce soups bursting with umami taste and complemented with noodles cooked to perfection.

"At Susuru we're passionate about serving you ramen that you won’t forget."

Traditional gyoza dumplings have been enjoyed in Japan for centuries but remained singular in flavour, that is until now. Taiyo and Chris together with the Susuru team are putting a modern twist on the gyoza, born out of a desire to experiment with fillings to satisfy a range of tastes.



Susuru is all about bringing a burst of fun and flavour in each gyoza using ingredients that are mostly house-made to ensure genuine quality - authenticity is at the heart of what they do!

Newcastle 2300
02 4049 8448
Mon 11:30am-9pm
Tue 11:30am-9pm
Wed 11:30am-9pm
Thu 11:30am-9pm
Fri 11:30am-9pm
Sat 11:30am-9pm
Sun 11:30am-3pm
1: -32.926357
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