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Bread, bread, and more bread are what these guys are good at. New kid on the block, Chiefly East creates sandwiches that are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and definitely worth driving into town for!

Owners Ali and Gem Downer met in Edinburgh back in 2003 whilst working in a pub together and have been gallivanting around the globe ever since. With Ali coming from Glasgow and Gem from Sydney, coming back to Australia was a no brainer.

Chiefly East

“When we first came over in 2004, we spent a year here. Bought a little van and drove all around Australia. But our first stop was Stockton… we were kind of drawn to Newcastle and caught a ferry over on our first night here,” Ali tells me.

Now let’s get onto the sandwiches; that’s what you’re all tuning in for am I right? Fresh baked baguettes jam packed full of flavours.

“We are going to change up our menu every week. Our deal is fresh baguettes… and Gem makes the bread for the toasties here.

Chiefly East

“We’re also going to build this deli where you can do an afternoon picnic and buy some cheese, buy some meat, some olives, some antipasto and we’ll bake fresh baguettes for the afternoon so you can grab and go.”

Opening mid-November 2019, the pair have united their extensive experience in the hospitality industry and have brought something different to the area.

Chiefly East

“I’ve always worked in restaurants and bars. In Scotland I was a chef for large events. We would cater for all the big festivals, concerts, and weddings…when we came over here, I started working at Suspension."

If you’re after an easy-going place to sit, read, eat good food, drink good coffee, and have a friendly chat with fellow customers and the Chiefly East team – this is the place for you.

Chiefly East

“We want to have this vibe where you come in for brunch, and it’s got this New York style coffee. You grab a filter and you get a refill. It’s all done at the table.” 

If you're lucky enough that you work are in town, put Chiefly East down as your mid-week take-out lunch because these guys deliver!

Chiefly East

Chiefly East

177 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

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