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Action Boxing & Fitness

Family owned & operated Boxing Gym in Tighes Hill

For Newcastle’s longest running boxing gym, Action Boxing and Fitness in Tighes Hill, the global pandemic and recent restrictions could have had owners Brad and Jackie out for the count.

But thanks to technology, a whole heap of humour, and a loyal community, you can now add boxing to the ever-growing list of ways to get sweaty in your lounge-room during this seemingly never-ending period of iso-cation.

Never boxed before? Hey, no sweat. In fact, some would argue that this is the perfect time to try something new, without the added expectation of actually having to leave the house to do it. There’s no awkward first introduction or wondering where you’re going to park your car or whether or not anyone is going to judge what brand of gym towel you use; it’s just you making the most of your time spent inside.

Worried about your lack of equipment/a windowless basement á la Rocky? Hold onto your sweatpants. There’s no need to rush out and buy a bag, or gloves, or headband and a matching grey tracksuit and a chicken to chase after, the workouts don’t actually require any equipment, or if they do household substitutes are used. You might feel slightly odd to begin with, but you will feel the burn holding a can of beans in each hand, that much is true.

Zoom not your thing? Or maybe you just prefer to workout in your Harry Potter-themed pyjamas free from prying eyes? Again, no sweat. As well as the interactive zoom classes available, there are Facebook Live classes (so you can still feel like you're in the room) or a selection of weekly pre-recorded classes that you can watch to your heart’s content.

Whether via zoom or in person, both Brad and Jackie are known for creating a friendly, inclusive, and encouraging environment, which for many can be the first hurdle when it comes to exercise. Take last Friday for example where, via zoom, Brad donned a Hawaiian shirt and added a festive air to the workout, complete with a social beverage post-training. If that ain’t iso-cation we don’t know what is.

As a side note… thinking boxing is just for the guys? When Jackie started the gym over 17 years ago, the rest of the world probably thought so too, but Jackie and the team have gone a long way to change all that. It’s a way for anyone, and everyone, to let off steam in a safe and inclusive environment. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, and there’s no better time like the present to kickstart something great and also support an amazing small business whilst you’re at it. 

Looking to find out more? Now have the Rocky theme song stuck in your head? Head to the website and get in touch, or better yet, join the free online training group via Facebook here.

Action Boxing & Fitness

1/2 Revelation Close, Tighes Hill, NSW, 2297