Staying In

An Anzac Day quite unlike any other

This year’s Anzac Day was due to be a commemoration like any of us have ever experienced before. With COVID-19 restrictions halting dawn services, marches as well as all gatherings, it wasn’t long before Aussies came together with a new plan; a driveway service.

Many households across the country, came together on their driveways just before sunrise to show their respects. One street in particular, Seacourt Avenue in Dudley, residents had lit up the street with candles and listened on into a service unlike any other.

Private Thomas Barter, musician for the Australian Army Band, was due to be at Gallipoli this year, requested to play the bagpipes at the Anzac Day service. With travel restrictions now in place, those plans were cancelled.

Looking at this as an opportunity, Thomas, and his surrounding neighbours, came together to create a unique service for the residents of Seacourt Avenue. Following the service, neighbours mingled from a distance, shared stories and even home-made Anzac biscuits.

Whilst the Nobby’s Beach was almost empty, and our local pubs devoid of two-up punters, Aussies across the country commemorated Anzac Day in a new way, one for us all to remember.

*Special thanks to Dudley resident, Georgia, for informing us on the street’s Anzac Day plans.