Jasper & Jzhonnie | Studios

This house is a reflection of our lives and our travels

We first interviewed Jasper & Jzhonnie and their young family back in 2016, featuring their eclectic abode. Now, two years later it’s time for an update on the space!

The family home also doubles as two separate spaces available to rent on Airbnb; Eclectic Studio Apartment & Studio Apartment on the Park.

From the moment you step inside both spaces you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to a tropical resort. Overcome by the abundance of greenery, natural light and resort-like feel. You could be in Byron Bay, Noosa or even Ubud; but surprise, it’s our very own Islington.

The creative couple have backgrounds in interior design, with Jasper being a landscape architect at Sustainable Surrounds, and Jzhonnie a styling and fashion designer, they certainly know what looks good and have the practical skills to turn their ideas into reality.

You see, the young family live a nomadic life, setting up their lives and their home so that they can travel and move around the country at the drop of a hat. So, that gives you the chance to enjoy their beautifully curated oasis.

Eclectic Studio Apartment

It’s the most wonderful space, full of eclectic details, art, indoor plants, textures and everything your heart could desire. Even a small deck outside with an incredible outdoor bath. Perfect for a slow afternoon and a glass of champagne.

“We love absolutely everything about our home; the tropical garden, the intimate size, beautiful open living and kitchen, bathroom opening out onto the deck and of course the built-in outdoor bath.”

With a semi-outdoor bathroom, a shower that steps directly out onto the deck, an outdoor bath, vertical herb garden off the kitchen and functional galley style kitchen.

This eclectic global style little space sits on the edge of Islington Park and their walking and cycling tracks. Just around the corner from Islington’s amazing coffee shops, vintage, boutique and retro stores, pubs, restaurants and public transport.

Studio Apartment on the Park

This studio is similarly a villa style but with much less space. Directly attached to the studio apartment next door, this studio still remains completely independent and private.

“This house is a reflection of our lives and our travels.”

The Jungalow style is consistent throughout the space with plants hanging and perched off of every ledge possible. The kitchen in this studio is much simpler with just a BBQ, kettle, toaster, microwave and bar fridge.

“The style of the property is modern global with fresh white offset by rich timber floors and earthy textures. Plants are an integral part of who we are, so they are in turn woven throughout the fabric of the design.”

Jasper & Jzhonnie have done a brilliant job at turning their home into a short-term holiday rental, and after checking the space out, who wouldn’t want to stay here!