Yak + Yeti Trader

Artisan Furniture & Homewares

Unique handcrafted modern bohemian pieces, inspired by travel.

Looking for the next handcrafted bohemian pieces for your home? 

We might have just found your newest favourite online furniture and homewares store, and the best part? It’s based in Newcastle!

Meet Yak & Yeti Trader; the modern bohemian lifestyle collection of Artisan made rattan and timber furniture pieces and unique homewares. Brought to you by local gal, Lara Pinter, the collection is curated right here in Australia with the pieces ethically sourced from around the globe; think Morocco and Bali!

You may have already heard of the lifestyle brand through Lara’s former interior design work, which she has been doing for the past 15 years. With a need to create something of her own always bubbling away in the background, she finally took that leap of faith and has spent the last three years working behind the scenes and finally launching Yak and Yeti Trader earlier this year.

“I have been doing interior designing for about 15 years. Through this work I constantly found the pieces that were available were what my clients were after. I then began to custom design my own pieces and fell in love with the process,” Lara told me.

Lara and her family are all true born travelers and have spent a fair bit of time abroad, returning home after each trip transformed and inspired to bring elements of their travels into their daily lives.

“I had a lightbulb moment. I needed to immerse the culture and experiences of my travels through my pieces.”

With the idea in mind to connect the pieces with the people and places she had met and travelled to, she began to think about which country had truly inspired her.

“It was Indonesia. I knew if I was coming home with this incredible feeling of holiday Zen, so were others. That’s when I decided to bring back that culture into people’s homes so they can experience that day in and day out.

“The Indonesian locals always have such a happy presence and each time I would return I always felt so inspired by that feeling. And I really want to capture that through my products.”

Yak and Yeti Trader’s collections are all sourced from sustainable raw organic, natural materials with the emphasis on artistic integrity over mass production. Lara has visited and selected suppliers that employ and use ethical and safe work practices for our artisans, in there villages and communities where all these pieces are handcrafted and handmade by the locals. 

All of Yak & Yeti's piececs are sustainably sourced and ethically made with an abundance of love and soul. The pieces are designed for slow living at it's best allowing you, to live your best life. 

“I started this venture with strong values and beliefs to create awareness to humanity and sustainability.”

With travels so ingrained within the brand, even the name is a representation of travels, inspired by Lara’s own sisters travels to Nepal.

“My sister had travelled to Nepal and she came back with different names of places she had visited. Yak and Yeti kept coming up and I just fell in love with the name.”

Currently, Yak & Yeti has five collections; Rattan, Natural, Yak & Yeti Little, Moroccan, and Homewares and Lifestyle. Our pics from the collection have got to be the black Bungalow Hanging Chair, Moroccan Floor Cushions, the range of Cactus Silk Cushions and the almighty Folk Lounger.

Got your eye on a piece you love? Well, for those of you local to Newcastle, Yak & Yeti Trader offers a complimentary warehouse pick-up service by appointment!

Keep an eye out online, as Yak and Yeti will be launching a new collection soon, that will feature new folk lounger designs with the option for a vegetable/plant dyed cover.

To browse the Yak & Yeti range, shoppers will need to head online to their e-store or alternatively keep an eye out for their pop-ups around the country. 

Yak & Yeti Trader is hitting the road and will be on tour with their first stop at Burleigh Heads. The concept store pop-up will be open from 30 Nov - 14 Dec. Head along to the market night on the 13 Dec and enjoy some bubbles!

Yak + Yeti Trader