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The Storekeeper & Co; a thoughtfully curated collection that blends naturally into the living space with products made of natural materials, in simple forms and created for comfort of use. Launched at the end of 2018, The Storekeeper and Co is the culmination of director, Jess Paget’s love of natural fibres and Japanese architecture, as well as previous business pursuits.

“The Storekeeper was a flow on from what I had been doing for many years. 2009 is when I started my line, Plumtart; designing, screen printing and sewing my own line of linen homewares.

“Amidst raising a young family and teaching at Hunter Design School, my brother said one day, ‘what have you got to lose.’ It was all the encouragement I needed to launch The Storekeeper. I’ve always loved linen, the texture, colours and dare I say the smell and had a deep desire to honour the planet by living simply and create a home with beautiful pieces that lasted the test of time,” Jess told me

We love your philosophy about living simply and think it couldn’t be more relevant than it is during this current time. In your opinion, what does living a simple life look like?

“Firstly, what are the small simple things that bring you joy? If you haven’t taken the time to reflect on this, I’d encourage you to do it and ask yourselves what are the things that happy and the deep desires you have but feel you haven’t been able to up until now, like spending more time preparing your families food or pottering about in the garden.

“The forced nature of the pandemic is actually a blessing in disguise to allow us to work out what is actually important to us.”

Jess & her children - From left to right: Ari, Quinn & Jona.
Jess & her children - From left to right: Ari, Quinn & Jona.

Take a look at The Storekeeper & Co and peruse their collection of beautifully curated gifts, homewares and other knick knacks for the home. 

The Storekeeper & Co.