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The Lambton-based eco boutique has temporarily closed their doors due to Covid-19, but shoppers can still shop their Conscious goodies online.

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For the eco-conscious, pre-loved and vintage loving shoppers out there, Lambton-based retail space, The Conscious Exchange might just be your new best friend.

From vintage women’s clothing and accessories, vintage homewares, to eco skincare essentials and nature-based play products; the conscious exchange is exactly what the name suggests, an exchange of consciously thought out products to enrich one’s life.

Emma, from Baby Come Back Vintage jumped on the opportunity of finally opening up a dedicated retail space in only February this year to share her vintage goodies with the local community. Baby Come Back Vintage launched just over two years ago following the birth of her son.

“When I started Baby Come Back Vintage, I’d just had my son, and I started getting into more eco-conscious products because when you have child it really switches your mindset. You think, crap, this is the world we’re leaving for them. That was when I started questioning why we kept buying all of these new clothes. I realised there was a market here to sell clothes that have hardly even been worn in, so we could re-sell them.

“I studied fashion when I left school and it was really meaningless for me, and very surface level. So, I got out of it and landed myself in admin roles. In high school, I always knew I wanted to be a buyer, so when I went and tried it out and it wasn’t a good fit; all people cared was what you were wearing and how much you spent on it; it sucked. It wasn’t until I had my son that I realised I could actually re-sell vintage and pre-loved and make a positive impact whilst still being a buyer,” Emma told me.

After starting Baby Come Back Vintage on Instagram to sharing the space over at Merry Go Round with the likes of Stonewolf Vintage and Friday Style Co, when the space here in Lambton popped up it gave Emma the opportunity to be able to create her own space from scratch and fill the store with all the goodies that aligned with her philosophy.

The space currently has a constantly rotating range of Baby Come Back Vintage items as well as natural products from Petit Papillon including a perfume, hair oil, massage oil and a range of bath products; all of which are hand-made here in Newcastle. Shoppers can also check out the locally made soaps from Soapalicious, artwork by Richelle Townsend, jewellery by Velvet Sunday and No Pong; Emma’s personal favourite deodorant made in Australia. Check out the vintage collection with brands like Tuesday Vintage, Mini Tuesday and Marcel Vintage.

“The only thing that isn’t Australian are these German brushes, because I think that Germans make the best brushes, and you’ve got to get the best!”

Kendall & her son (These Golden Daze) and Emma (Baby Come Back Vintage)
Kendall & her son (These Golden Daze) and Emma (Baby Come Back Vintage)

Another addition to the store, is the beautiful natural kids sensory and play products, designed by local mum and qualified primary school teacher, Kendall of These Golden Daze.

“I’ve been learning more and more about nature-based play and open-ended learning. My son is my number one toy tester, and I really love all-natural and raw materials as well as repurposing things. I’ve always been really inspired by nature, and colours and raw materials. I’m a real timber and wood girl.

“I started finding old toys, or toys that were broken and re-store them so that they could be used again. But then I thought I could probably do the same with more natural resources. I had never made these before, so I had to learn how to use a drop saw! No cuts or bruises thus far; touch wood. I did nearly take off my hand once but glad to see that they’re still here at the minute,” Kendall explained.

One of our favourites have got to be the natural Play Dough Tool set, handmade from a fallen tree branch and sustainably sourced timber. Perfect for little hands to use for rolling, shaping and moulding play dough. Another favourite would have to be Kendall’s designed and Newcastle manufactured Find & Scribe board.

“This is a product that Kendall has fully developed herself. It’s a portable chalkboard, and the idea is that you go out into nature and the kids can use this. You could do a treasure hunt and get them to draw what they see. It’s fully made in Newcastle and she’s designed everything herself. I think this is more of what Kendall wants to do; develop more products that are beautifully made in Newcastle out of raw materials,” Emma said.

These Golden Daze is so popular, that a lot of her items sell out fast, so if you’re interested make sure to follow along on Instagram to be up-to date with her stock.

“I want to show people that they can do things in their own home, and that they’ve got so much to offer in their own backyard and local environment in terms of education. I want our kids to grow up to have respect for the environment as well, which I think will lead to having a generation of people who are really sustainability focussed,” Kendall said.

Whether you’re moving towards a more sustainably conscious lifestyle, or you’re already there, drop into the store (or online) and show the Conscious Exchange some love.

The Conscious Exchange

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