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Curated vintage pieces to adorn yourself and your home whilst keeping your footprint light on Mama Earth.

If you’re a lover of vintage pieces, whether it be homewares, furniture, jewellery or clothing, you either already know of, or should know of local gal Bec and her brand, Stonewolf Vintage.

Making the rounds on social media since 2017, Stonewolf Vintage has been a favourite for vintage shoppers looking for their next sustainable piece.

If you’ve been making the rounds at Maker Store & Studio’s recent vintage markets at the Royal Crown in Dudley, there’s almost a 100% chance you’ve bumped into Bec and even picked up a piece or two from Stonewolf Vintage. With Bec’s self-announced ‘obsession’ with sourcing vintage, you can get excited knowing that the pieces on offer are going to be one-of-a-kind, authentic and vintage.

“When I was growing up, mum would take me op-shopping and she was obsessed with vintage which I picked up. For the last ten years I’ve just been collecting, sourcing, op-shopping; finding vintage pieces is just my high. My house started to look a bit like a hoarder’s house and my fiancé one day just said, ok our house is too small for this. Someone suggested I started selling it, so I opened up an Instagram.”

Following her time selling over Instagram and doing her own stalls at the Maker Vintage market, Bec was psyched when she was approached to move into a bricks and mortar space on Railway St in Merewether. Moving into the space early in 2019, Bec is brought her vintage finds to the locals of Newcastle until only recently, where she now sells solely on Instagram.

“It’s been my ultimate goal, since the day I started it to be able to do this full-time. This is my passion and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.”

Once moving in store, it became apparent that there was a lot of spare space ready to be adorned with other beautiful brands. So, Bec and owner of the space, Tegan had an idea.

“It is so hard when I find a piece, to decide whether to sell it or to keep it for myself. I’m getting better at it, but that is how it all kind of started. For me, the real high is sourcing it. I find these amazing pieces, and I just think that it can’t sit in a shop. I have to show people that I found this! That’s why opening a shop has been so amazing, being able to share my love for it and share these amazing pieces.”

Now, what about the name?

“I have the wolf tattooed on my back, and it’s always kind of been my spirit animal. I can go in a pack, but I have always been a bit of lone wolf because I like doing my own thing to; it kind of just stemmed from that. When I was trying to come up with a name, I was trying to put two words together and yeah, Stonewolf just worked. It was a bit of a fluke really, I didn’t want something that I was going to get sick that sounded cliché or cheesy, and something just really simple.”

If you’re a lover of good quality vintage, head over to Stonewolf Vintage on Instagram and give her range a browse. 

Stonewolf Vintage