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Savant Apothecary

Old school by name but not in practice, Kylie creates all-natural products to help you feel and look good everyday.

We caught up with Kylie Myatt, creator of the divine Savant Apothecary, to chat about all things skin.

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Old school by name but not in practice, Savant Apothecary has been serving Newcastle locals skincare since 2017. Using all-natural products, Kylie creates a unique range of skincare that she hopes will empower women to feel and look good every day and we sat down with Kylie to chat about all things Savant.

Where are you from and what brought you to Newcastle?

I was born and raised in Queensland, but the east coast has always felt like home. Having lived in quite a few places…my husband received a job offer that was based out of Newcastle, so, it was time to come back. There was something about Newcastle that I instantly said YES too straight away. That was three years ago!

Your background is in Biochemistry, how did get into beauty?

Straight out of high school I went to University and studied Biology but before I graduated, I moved into beauty therapy.

I felt like the beauty industry was a little underappreciated, and I wanted to slow the whole process down and put the importance on education for every customer and the ingredients, as opposed to just looking good.

What inspired you to create your own skincare line?

I was running a day spa business, and I started making some products just for those skincare junkies to say, ‘look at what I am doing,’ but the idea of owning my own store, seemed like an isolated dream. Until, one day I went to the Olive Tree Markets and walked around and thought, this is it. This is the perfect platform to start.

So, what prompted this expansion from market to your now, two stores?

Whilst I was working at the Olive Tree, another store holder told me about Renew Newcastle. I went home that night and they had one retail space available, I applied for it straight away.

It was then that I found a temporary home in the Newcastle Mall for about 2 months until the building shut down. The Junction Fair contacted me to set up a space, and it was a similar situation for here at Westfield Kotara.

I will be forever thankful to the community in Newcastle as people have just been so helpful and have really accepted me and fuelled my dream.

How did the name Savant Apothecary come about?

Inspired by Biology I looked at the Greek alphabet and started to go through the letters, when I got to S, there was a list of 5 words. Savant popped up, and it was defined as someone with a higher amount of knowledge, that honed in on one topic. It was perfect, but I couldn’t just have it as Savant, so I chose Apothecary. It’s a word that everyone has a hard time pronouncing, but it’s also a real talking point.

Who do you look to for aspiration? And what do you hope is installed for Savant Apothecary's future?

I have always read books about successful individuals such as Richard Branson, and the Nike guy and I want to know what that journey feels like. The grit, and the excitement being able to build a great product but still having control over it and the business’ values.

I want to go all the way with Savant Apothecary. Melbourne is my ultimate dream.

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