Cooks Hill

Pappa Sven

Brings a little bit of Scandinavia to Cooks Hill

When it comes to Scandinavian homewares and design 'less is more' seems to be the Scando way.

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On entering Union Street's Pappa Sven it's the simplistic graphics, precisely placed bold colours and exquisite fabrics of this stunning homewares store that catches the eye.  

Located on the corner of Bull and Union St in Cooks Hill, Pappa Sven is a collection of Scandinavian homewares that have been carefully pieced together by Libby Helinski.

After a 12 month hiatus in the northern town of Skelleftea, Sweden, Libby instantly fell in love with Scandinavian design and lifestyle. Combining this new found love with a need to return to her first love, of natural fibres and fabrics, Libby decided to bring just a few of her favourite pieces home with her.

Going against all the advice, Libby has decided to stock only pieces that she loves and would have in her own home. 'There are a lot of look-a-like Scandy homeware products out there at the moment, I wanted to bring to Newcastle a really authentic Scandinavian homewares shopping experience,' Libby explained.

Products such as the exquisitely hand-crafted Vastergarden ceramics, the simplistic yet stunning range of Ylva Skarp's prints and the very cutesy Oyoy Designs. The collection also extends to skincare products from L:A Bruket, Silkeborg throws and of course no Scando store would be complete without a dash of Marimekko and a lush covering of reindeer hides.

Libby's collection is truly beautiful and makes for a pleasurable shopping experience, but if you prefer to do all your shopping online then Libby's made it easy for your with her online shop.

Pappa Sven

33 Union Street, Cooks Hill NSW 2300

Today - 1000 - 1700