Oh So Pretty

Beautiful blooms in a stunning keepsake for all those special occasions

Luxurious, sophisticated, personalised and Oh So Pretty!

Childhood best friends, Nicole and Sophie, have embarked on their very own small business together, which takes on a unique approach to floral design and delivery.

Having travelled together overseas at the age of 19, Sophie worked for a bit as a Nanny before working for a website and eventually moving to Melbourne. Nicole working for Mimco before becoming a flight attendant and then returning to Newcastle to work for Mission Providence. With both ladies now back in Newcastle, it seemed like the perfect time to start a business together.

“We have always been into events and styling”, says Sophie, “and have always had that creative flair.”

With Sophie’s experience in website design and IT, and Nicole’s interest in art, content and photography the two make the perfect combo for a successful business venture. “It’s great having that second person for reassurance… we bounce off each other…we just find a way, and laugh through it.”

Oh So Pretty is all about the personalised keepsake boxes that hold their flower arrangements. They come in one of the six staple range colours, combined with a black and white stripe, white, black or navy ribbon. Oh So Pretty will be the first personalised flower box to launch in Newcastle.

“Throughout the year we will also put on limited edition flowers as well”, explains Nicole, “there will be different ranges, so for Mother’s day we are doing the chrysanthemum being the mother’s day flower.”

Where did the idea come from? 

Nicole: We started doing some styling for events and we thought that could be an idea to gift brides. It was a gifting box, not to actually sell it and then we were like hang on why don’t we start this from scratch. 

Sophie: We realised that no one really did it, and if you did one you may as well do a heap. A lot of it was researching and it just took off from there. 

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

N: Everything, not one thing goes right. 
S: So many things you wouldn’t expect, and I’ve always been into small business so I just thought, ‘oh yeah you open your business and everything is fine’, but OMG everything is a challenge and you just have to ask so many questions. People ask, ‘why haven’t you asked that already?’ but you don’t know until you get there. 

Where are you sourcing the flowers and products?

S: We have a local supplier for our flowers, but there is a flower market coming to Newcastle in April so that will be really good for us.
N: All other floral supplies are from Australia.

Who came up with the name?

S: I don’t know it was so collective 
N: There was a couple we tossed around, but then we would find someone else had that name.
S: Then we found a couple that were already taken on the register or the domain was taken. 
N: Then our husbands got amongst it, we got there in the end. 

In your spare time what do you enjoy doing in Newcastle?

N: Spending family time with my husband and the girls
S: We still spend so much time together that isn’t work related, like go for a picnic or go out for dinner. We went to Delucas Pizza on Darby Street last night.
N: OMG go and have the gnocchi it’s the best.
S: …and we shop in our spare time.
N: Yes, online.
S: All our friends are now having kids, so it’s hard but when we go out it’s really fun, we love going to MoneyPenny for the cocktails and the Terrace Bar.

Oh So Pretty will launch this Mother’s Day, the 14th of May. You can jump onto their website and pre-order. With free delivery on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday to people within a 15km radius of Newcastle’s CBD, it will make for the perfect gift to spoil Mum!

Oh So Pretty