Naked Foods

Organic health foods by the scoop

There’s a new health food store in town and you’ll be mad not to get in and check it out. They’re all about ‘taking it off’ and stripping away the unhealthy parts of your diet.

Naked foods opened their doors in Charlestown just before Christmas and have been busy filling Newcastle pantries with all their delicious goodies.

Founded by Caique Ponzoni in 2012 as a market stall in a local farmer’s market, to now operating with 19 stores Australia-wide.

Naked Foods, Charlestown

Ponzoni realised there was a real passion and appetite from Aussies to eat better, be more informed and do their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

The inspiration behind the business is for food to be consumed as close to nature as possible. With Naked Foods born to satisfy the growing Australian demand for unprocessed, unpacked foods. They aim for healthy living and eating, more informed shopping and plan to join the fight against food and packaging waste.

Naked Foods, Charlestown

“We believe that when it comes to providing an abundance of great tasting, wholesome and nourishing foods, nature has got it covered.”

Stocking their shelves with the freshest products we can find from local suppliers and farmers, you can expect 100% of their products to be free of artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, and preservatives. As well as being GMO free, and grown without the use of insecticides.

Naked Foods, Charlestown

The brand also encourages shoppers to buy in bulk. Taking as much or as little as you need but without the packaging and food waste.

Expect to see a large range of nuts, dried fruits, oils, flours, cereals, beauty products, chocolates (vegan included), oats and seeds. Plus, my personal favourite; kombucha on tap!

Naked Foods, Charlestown