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A unique mix of Creative and Stylish Art, Homewares and Selected Interior Design Pieces.

Into eclectic one-off pieces for the home? Well you need to get into visit Nina at Tighes Hill’s newest store, MiiO.

German born, Aussie raised artist and interior stylist Nina Battley is the lady behind the MiiO store and has incorporated her love of all things art, interior and design into the space.

“I wanted to have my own little business that had to do with being creative and being an artist and being very passionate about interior design. It’s pushing all of my passions together into this space,” Nina told me.

Officially opening their doors at the end of 2018, MiiO has been a passion project for Nina since she first arrived in Newcastle almost seven years ago. With an incredible career in art, spanning over twenty years, MiiO is a reflection of everything Nina.

Shoppers can get their hands on a range of pieces from paintings, glassware, lamps, hand-painted fabrics to printed textiles and original Artworks.

“What’s really important to me, is that I stay very unique. Newcastle is very small, and I think there is plenty of space for people to open new stores like this, but I think it’s important for each one to have their own distinct style.

“It is a real mixture of things in there. I’ve got my mother’s fabrics in there already. She designs all of the cushion fabrics you can find in here.”

Also stocking soft furnishings and giftware with local made one-off jewellery pieces, to candles, hand-creams and soaps.

“I’m really going down the road of form and function, designer pieces that look really great. It’s stuff that you have to use every day, but it’s done in a really funky way.”

Whilst the space is small, it is full of so much character, and with the name translating to ‘mine,’ you’ll be wishing it was!

“It did take a while and it turns out it’s really hard to think of a name! But when I said MiiO, it just made sense because this is my little shop.”

The area of Tighes Hill is really starting to boom with Praise Joe Urban Pantry just up the road, and Between the Lines Art Gallery and Equium Social around the corner.

“I really am overwhelmed by how many beautiful people that I’m meeting from opening the shop. There are so many gorgeous people around, even in this hood.

“Everyone is really excited about little businesses opening again. Everyone is supporting everything that is happening here in Tighes hill.”

Whilst MiiO is located a little bit away from the main streets, it’s a destination store really worth making the trip too. Unlike anything else in Newcastle, the store boast eclectic, quirkiness with a focus on form and function.

“I really did wander around at Newcastle before I opened the store and before I bought products. To make sure that I wasn’t doing anything that someone else was doing, or having products in my store that you could get around the corner.”

Whilst the store is only currently opened two days per week, if you’re a lover of unique pieces with a creative edge then pencilling in a date to swing by for a visit to Nina’s MiiO is an absolute must.


3 Elizabeth Street, Tighes Hill, NSW, 2297

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