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With so many of us now spending most of our time at home, with some of you busily juggling working from home, home schooling schedules and the usual running of the household, we think it might be more important than ever to make your home the ideal sanctuary. 

We spoke to Trudie about how the team is coping in these unusual times, what you can find comfort in when working from home and her top picks from their newest collection; the Global Eclectic Winter Collection.

Born and bred in Newcastle, Trudie Cox is the brains behind the local brand, Eadie Lifestyle. Known for its beautiful, stylish and timeless range of soft furnishings and clothing, the entire Eadie collection boasts classic sophistication, timeless elegance, simplicity and clean lines that don’t create a fuss.

Abrazo Throw

Made from natural fibres that are comforting to the touch. Whether it be a pair of linen pants, a cushion on your lounge or the curtains in your bedroom; a piece from Eadie Lifestyle helps you to create that at home sanctuary you might be searching for.

Thanks for having a chat with us Trudie. How are you, and the rest of the Eadie Lifestyle team coping with the current climate?

Like most businesses, things are changing at a rapid rate. Each day seems to bring new information which means we are constantly having to strategize and pivot in the way we approach things. From an operational perspective, we have taken all the necessary steps we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our team. Working from home our new friend Zoom keeps us in touch with the team in NSW and Victoria.

From an emotional perspective, we are a pretty positive bunch, and truly believe that whilst we will all face challenges ahead, we are resilient and adaptive, and the sun will shine again.

When you find yourself working from home, what do you find comfort in?

I personally find comfort in keeping a semblance of routine. I think when working from home, it is really helpful to have clear demarcation around work time, ‘down’ time and time for family and exercise. I try to structure these into my day in shorter bursts than before. I find working from home can present new challenges as you are faced with many more distractions airising from families all being together under the one roof. I have school aged teenagers now studying online, animals that need to be walked, parents that I need to check in on etc; so shorter bursts of scheduled time allows me to be more effective and focussed when juggling so many balls.

I also find using space in the house for these different times are important, for example, if I am working I stay in my office space and don’t take work into the kitchen area or living rooms. I keep those spaces for my down time and family time. This also allows my kids to know that when I am in the office, I am working and focussed (which results in hopefully less interruption).

Five product picks from the new collection? Let us give you some inspo from Trudie’s top picks from the new collection…

Ah that’s a hard one as I love EVERY piece in the collection, but if I had to choose it would be:

  • The Dessiner Cushion: It started with a small, rough watercolour sketch I did. To see that picture come to life over many months of collaboration with our clever artisans has been really satisfying. It is a beautiful jacquard weave that is highly texturized and stylish. The fact that the result is such a smart, elegant cushion is icing on the cake. The creative process was quite a journey.

  • Abrazo Throws: I love the chunky knit of these throws. Snuggling up to our Abrazo throw is like wearing your favourite jumper. The colours are just delicious; Rose Dust, Spun Gold and Silver Grey, all happy colours that make us feel good.

  • Maestro Cushion: I love the rich texture of this cushion. The colour, Spun Gold, packs a punch and the leather stitches detail is done entirely by hand.

  • Rustica Cushion & Throw: This series is made from heavy weight linen, woven on a traditional hand loom (not a machine loom), giving each piece personality and individuality. The cushion and throw is a statement piece and looks very exclusive and organic. It comes in the beautiful colour of coal; perfect for Autumn and Winter months.

  • Malle Dress: This is the most comfortable, versatile dress in my wardrobe at the moment. Perfect for the current climate, wear the Malle dress with sneakers or converse for a chic every day look, or team it with heels or smart boots to take the look up a notch. It can be belted or worn free flowing and has comfy side pockets. Being one size fits all, it suits women of all shapes and sizes. It is made from the finest European linen, lovingly garment-dyed for rich colour and the softest feel against your skin.

At this time, more than ever, we are committed to helping people make their home a sanctuary. Being surrounded by tactile, beautiful pieces makes our time at home more enjoyable and special. Not many people know that although Eadie is an international brand, we are a local Novocastrian brand, with our HQ and warehouse here in inner city Newcastle.

Make working from home just that little bit nicer and drop by Eadie Lifestyle online.

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