Kate & Kole

Simple yet modern jewellery, designed in Newcastle

After five years of operating online, Kate & Kole is going to be opening their first studio and retail space in Islington. Opening up shop at The Fernery, a space that has been run by the High Tea with Mrs. Woo sisters Jules, Ang, and Ro for the past three years.

With the sisters moving into a co-retail space with Studio Melt in Hunter St, The Fernery was yearning for a new tenant. Previously being utilised for workshops, exhibitions, and retail, Kate & Kole are going to continue this collaborative concept by holding fortnightly markets at The Fernery.

Moving forward Kate & Kole will be open during The Fernery fortnightly markers and also by appointment. You can book an appointment via their website for any design consults, personalised shopping experiences and repairs, jewellery maintenance, and resizes.

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When locals Sara and Madalynne came up with the idea to design their very own jewellery range the only obstacle they had to overcome was how would they take their designs and bring them to life.

Thanks to some new technologies and a 'lets go for it' attitude their first range was released.

Over some coffees, cocktails and a pretty delicious breakfast at The Edwards we got a little insight into Sara and Maddy's beautiful designs and their fascinating design process. 

So you and Maddy came up with the idea, who is Kate & Kole?

Kate & Kole is a small jewellery label based out of Newcastle. We have just launched our debut range 'Explore' which is a set of 9 stackable rings.

The rings combine new and old technologies with the initial stage being 3D printed. The rings are then cast in either silver or gold before being hand finished and delivered to their new owner.

The name Kate & Kole comes from our middle names Madalynne Kate and Sara Nicole. 

Are you both local to Newcastle?

Maddy has been based in Newcastle for about 5 years now and studies at Newcastle University, originally growing up in Dungog.

I moved to Newcastle from Sydney after a six month around the world trip and work in Newcastle as a designer at a local agency, Headjam. I am originally from a small town in New Zealand.

How would you describe the Kate & Kole style

The Kate & Kole style aims to reflect a simple yet modern design. Each ring is perfectly distinct and unique yet all designs meld cohesively together to form a stack that can be collected over time.