House of Elliott

Moves back to Perkins St | Reopens 24 Mar

Take a wander through Tina's stunning Interiors & homewares store.

Exactly what is it that makes a beautiful home? Is it expensive furniture and artwork? Perhaps it’s a renovated bathroom or a kitchen with all the bells and whistles? We ask Tina Elliott of the Newcastle interior and furnishings studio House of Elliot,

“Your house comes from your heart and your soul, it’s about you, you can’t recreate your house from a magazine or from a program you watch on TV. It’s about knowing your style and finding pieces you love.”

Tina has always taken this approach to both her interior design and styling work which is clearly evident upon taking a stroll through the store.

Tina, alongside her husband Richard, have piled the space with a collection of colours, textures, and items for the home. All of which are available for purchase.

Richard & Tina
Richard & Tina

On entering, it’s difficult to know where to focus your attention first. Located on Perkins Street, the space boasts spectacularly high ceilings, feeling like there's enough space to fit a small zoo, but really it's for all of those oversized mirrors, luxurious lounges, and large scale artworks. Mingling perfectly among the candles, cushions, coffee table books, lamps, and smaller keepsake items.

The sensory overload you’ll be sure to experience, will find you wanting to touch, smell and look at each and every piece in fine detail. You might find yourself spending much more time wandering around than you may have originally thought.

Beginning her career in the world of interior at the young age of nineteen, Tina’s years of experience is on clear display throughout the store with the eclectic mix of furnishings and interiors offering something for almost all to appreciate.

Tina is unapologetic when it comes to describing her style as being no style in particular, preferring to steer clear of trends and interior magazines or watching any of the numerous renovating programs that grace our screens.

Instead, Tina states that she buys with her heart, only stocking those items that she would happily have in her own home. Therefore, making House of Elliott an extension of Tina’s very own home.

There’s no rhyme or rhythm to Tina’s selections, instead her purchases are based purely around what she likes with a preference for natural textures and items that are beautiful to touch. No era or style is overlooked, with bold and muted colours being equally appreciated.

Together with the large range of beautiful interior products, Tina also offers help to those of you who might need a hand on the home styling front.

House of Elliott offers a beautiful browsing experience that is filled with all of those things that you didn’t know you just had to have. Like a giant Marie Antoinette-Esque portrait, a pair of sparkling chandeliers, giant red velvet chairs or the fluffiest of rugs. You might just leave with something glamorous in hand.