A little birdie tells us the Lake Mac lifestyle store is opening up in Hamilton

Lake Macquarie’s go-to lifestyle store and coffee spot, Common Circus is making plans to open store number two a little closer to town in the community of Hamilton!

Whilst we can’t share too many details, we can tell you a few things that might get you a little excited…

1. It’ll be MUCH Bigger

The space is more than twice the size than what they’ve currently got. Complete with high ceilings with pressed metal, a beautiful arched entryway and plenty more indoor seating.

2. The interior will obviously be on-point

Think all white interiors with touches of saturated terracotta.

3. There will be offices and a dedicated workshop/community space upstairs

Yep. Common Circus 2.0 will have an upstairs!

4. Gelato will bring people together.

There will be a dedicated gelato counter!

5. It’s going to be open sooner than you think…

You won’t be having to hold your breath for too long because the new space will be open to the public not long after the new year!

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