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Clay@Home with this Workshopp Clay Kit Giveaway

Whether you're new to clay or an old hand, the Workshopp Clay Kits are the perfect intro into the very calming and rewarding world of pottery.

To help you get into the muddy world of clay, Simone from Workshopp in Maryville is very generously giving away three Clay@Home Kits so you can get your hands dirty in the comfort of your own home.

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To get a better understanding of what a Clay@Home kit is and what's included we chatted with Simone to get a few more details...

Simone can you take us through what's included in one of your Clay@Home kits?

Your clay kit, which are valued at $150 per kit, comes with everything you need to make beautiful pottery pieces by hand, including;

  • 2kgs of locally sourced Australian clay, enough to make 4 large coffee cups or small planters.
  • Comprehensive written instructions to make your first pots
  • A toolkit to help you shape and cut, you can even choose from a selection of silky white, terracotta or speckled clay.
  • The first firing (bisque) is also included, just drop your masterpieces into Workshopp and they'll be ready to collect 2 weeks later.

So what can I make with my kit?

The sky’s the limit! Incense holders and oil burners, coffee cups and mugs, plates, bowls and spoons are popular options. Pots for your cherished plants, paint palettes, eggcups and sculptural forms are fun if you want to get a little creative.

How difficult is it to do on my own?

No prior experience is necessary and it’s perfect for beginners. By following the simple step-by-step instructions included in the kit you’ll find working with clay really easy and fun. If you practice you can make more advanced projects once you get a feel for your clay.

How long does the clay last?

If you store your clay in its plastic bag until ready to use the clay will last up to 6 months, making a great pressy idea for that someone in your life who's always wanted to try pottery. When your pots are finished you can let them dry and keep them for literally years before firing them, just don’t let them get wet.

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Will my work need to be glazed?

Putting the final touches on your very own clay creation is a really fun part the whole clay kit experience. When it’s time to glaze your finished piece, Workshopp provides you with a wide range of beautiful colored glazes from which to choose. Glazing adds color, durability and either a gloss or satin finish with our Glaze@home Kits available for purchase online.

When can I collect my masterpiece?

You can pick up your pots 2 - 3 weeks after you dropped them off.

If I am not one of the winners can I purchase a clay kit from Workshopp?

Sure can! The Workshopp Clay Kits are all-inclusive with the aim being to provide you with a hassle-free, hands-in-clay experience. Everything you need is in there: Clay, tool kit, step-by-step instructional guide and the all-important firing process.

Where is the Workshopp studio located?

The warehouse is tucked away in Maryville which is close to the Newcastle CBD and there’s plenty of street parking outside.

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Imagery credit - Marie Charmasson