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A massive drop of Birkenstocks have just arrived at Abicus

International freight delays, factory closures, and strikes at the Melbourne docs have resulted in a massive shortage of Birkenstock stocks here in Australia. Wowza!

If you had plans to update your BIRKS in time for the summer months this news will hit hard, however.... Today we received an update on an epic shipment that has just landed on Darby St....

birkenstock abicus darby st

and, this is what 385 pairs of Birkenstocks look like and they've just arrived on Abicus' doorstep, the team are unloading as we speak. Much of this stock was due for delivery way back in August! In the process of unpacking Abicus owner Tiffany Minell has uncovered a fab new line of Birkenstocks, the Papillio Glenda’s in Black Leather, which could just make the ultimate Christmas gift. 

birkenstock abicus darby st

In addition to the new Papillio Glenda's Abicus are fully loaded with all your classic Birkenstock looks. From the legendary Boston Suede Clog and the extremely wearable Mayari to the internationally renown Arizona, there's a BIRKENSTOCK for all occasions.  To shop the full range click here.

abicus darby st birkenstock
abicus darby st newcastle nsw
abicus darby st newcastle nsw