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Newcastle's Best Burger Guide

So we did some eating......and we have found the best burger hotspots that you just have to try!

Newcastle's Best Burger Guide Image you want fries with that!?
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Now you might be thinking…huh!? Eight Bulls? Never heard of it! Well let me tell you about Hamilton’s most extravagant and excessive burger bar in town! Tucked away, neighbouring the BP petrol station on Stewart Ave, you’ll find Eight Bulls takeaway burger joint. The menu is out of this world, like nothing else. I would suggest going on an empty stomach! With Eight Bulls there are no limitations, no restrictions concerning what is an appropriate burger or burger name for the matter. The burgers are massive, yes. But the names of the burgers are what’s so intriguing! Check out the black menu for the ‘F*** me up fam’ and the ‘Fat stacker’ just to leak a few!

And for all you Hunter Valleyer’s- There’s a sneaky franchise in Rutherford for you too!

Over the top burgers, loaded fries, everything you need that will put you in the deepest food coma you've ever experienced”. – EIGHT BULLS



If you’re a true Novocastrian by heart, you would know Rascal Burgers by now! But my god are they an all-time classic. Their prestige burgers always look to perfection – almost too pretty to eat! They take a step away from that greasy American style burgers to some extent, keeping their burgers looking fresh but still stacked with all the naughty things! Their weekly specials are always a killer to check out- The Crabby Patty, Spaghetti Bolognese burger, Wagyu- oyster sauce and the Oktoberfest bratwurst burger have all had their run through the Rascal doors!

“We’re making our own rules when it comes to fast food, and we’re having fun doing it”. - RASCAL



Again, one of Newy’s best all time classics! Their menu has remained the same for years…which can only mean one thing - they nailed it the first time and the people just keep on comin’!!!
Each burger makes you feel that little bit at home with their burger names all named after the beautiful beaches that surround our city! For all you suckers for something sweet Newy Burger Co. has got ya covered! They do weekly mini doughnut specials and mouth watering shakes.

Newy Burger Co


Well, talk about having a good time whilst eating a good time burger huh! These burgers are epic, over the top and back to that ol’ American style tucker. If you want your burger covered in chips, gravy, liquid cheese and topped with onion rings then Good Time is for you! They are all for stackin’ the burger up to capacity! If you liked Eight'll like a Good Time!!! Find them in the Exchange Hotel, Hamilton.


They might be out at Glendale…but I tell ya it’s worth the drive! On top of all your burger-loving classics, Burger Urge’s specials are always luring the customers in! In light of The Bachelor series this year they released a ‘Honey Badger’ burger and their Kentucky fried waffles always seem to make a come back to popular demand. They must call themselves ‘Dealers of Delicious’ for a reason!


If you love a good burger but you’re a bit of a homebody that lives around the lake and can’t be bothered to drive in town - well Burger Bros at the Boat Shed can look after you! Found within the 16 Footers, Burger Bros classic burgers are a hit with the locals. Each burger is branded with their local on top, making it a nice finish to their artwork!

The Boat Shed


Perfect location if you’re after a big ol’ burger paired with some chilled-out lawn bowls in the sun! Lowlands is an oldie but a goodie...and to top it off their burgers are a bargain!


You can find this beauty at Charlestown Square- perfect if you're having a craving after all that window shopping right!?


If you're having that burger craving but don’t want something so stodgy and big then Grill’d is a perfect place to opt to. Not only are their burgers top notch...their sweet potato chips are bangin’!

Healthy burgers – Made with love” – GRILL’D


Now, this might be your usual brekkie spot…but have you ever gone for lunch and tried their burgers!? Stepping away from those cheeseburger classics, Three Monkeys is offering a Portobello mushroom burger, southern fried chicken burger and a naked burger for those trying to avoid carbs!


There's a bit of West End magic going on here. The Family Hotel bring loads of flavour to their collection of big juicy burgers. From the meaty Fried Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Burger to the Vegan friendly Southern Fried Cauliflower Burger, there's something for everyone.

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