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Naked For Change

2020 Calendar

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12 Newcastle and Sydney florists bare all for Newcastle based charity Got Your Back Sista.
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Are you like me and every year you just HAVE to get yourself a calendar to hang on the fridge to make sure your year ahead stays reasonably organised? Well, rather than just picking up some random mass-produced calendar that doesn’t exactly spark joy (thanks Marie Kondo), we’ve might have just found the best locally created calendar that not only will be sure to spark joy, but will also help support a great cause!

Naked for Change is a 2020 calendar created by local gal and florist, Ashleigh Palmowski or as some might know her – The Naked Florist.

“When it comes to my business name (The Naked Florist), I get a lot of questions (naturally). What does it mean? How'd you come up with that name? Are you really naked?! The name also comes with inappropriate comments from people just having a laugh, which I awkwardly say something back on the fly,” Ashleigh said.

“Recently my partner and I fell in love with a house only to miss out by a few hours of getting the sale. We both needed a distraction, and my crazy thought was I should do a nude shoot. You know, give the people what they want… then it got me thinking that I should do something bigger and better for a good cause which lead to the idea of a nude calendar. So, the idea was born! The hardest part was finding 12 florists who were willing to get their kit off. The best thing is every single florist had such a great time, gained confidence and more respect for what they've got!”

The Naked for Change calendar features 12 florists from across Newcastle and Sydney that bare all for the local charity, Got Your Back Sista. Each florist features for each new month and they’re all so unique in their styling, photography and choice of flowers – it makes for the calendar to be a whole lot of fun turning from month to month.

“The best thing for me is to see what each florist can do given the freedom to create. Every single page is a completely different vibe, which is great to show the diversity in the industry…we are all completely different body shapes, ages, genders, race and some mums thrown in there too which is so important to show that everyone is equal and beautiful in their own way.”

To get your hands on these beautiful, one-of-a-kind calendars you can pick one up in-store at one of the below stockists or head online here. Remember, pre-sale cut-off is 13th December!


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