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Morpeth Flower Gallery

Freestyle floristy in the heart of Morpeth

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Teaching natural therapy, Suzanne Chapman would go to work each week with the purpose of encouraging her students to follow their heart and dreams and be passionate about what they are doing. The irony of this being that Suzanne wasn’t listening to her own advice, that is until one day she asked herself what her dreams and passions were. In a leap of faith Suzanne decided to take her own advice and seek out her dreams.

Morpeth florist, Hunter Valley florist | HUNTERhunter

Suzanne’s flower story begins in Sydney many years ago where she first started in the industry. Choosing not to go down the formal training path, instead learning her skills on the job Suzanne started out in Newport training with head florists who had worked under some of Australia’s best, including Susan Avery. Suzanne recounts that whilst it was an incredible experience it was hard work with some hard taskmasters.

“They were hard, tough, one in particular, she used to just throw my stuff down on the floor and get me to do it again.”

Moving on after a couple years Suzanne went on to run her own shops in Neutral Bay and St.Ives, also trying her hand at some different styles of floristy including Ikebana, the very disciplined and stylised Japanese art of flower arranging. Not one for rules and form Suzanne soon identified with her own style one which she describes as, “I just try to make everything look really beautiful, I suppose my style is more free”. 

Morpeth florist, Hunter Valley florist | HUNTERhunter

Whilst there was a few jobs in between, on moving to Morpeth Suzanne came back to what she loved, before long the requests started coming in with Suzanne supplying local restaurants with her flowers displays. However, it all kind of started for Suzanne when she was left with an oversupply of flowers from a massive event she was arranging, instead of doing away with them the savvy business lady in her decided to set up shop outside Morpeth pub. In just four hours Suzanne sold out. In need of something more permanent Suzanne sent some calls out to the universe saying, “I used to stand out on the street and say ‘please someone give me a shop".

Morpeth florist, Hunter Valley florist | HUNTERhunter

As fate would have it the universe answered her calls with Suzanne being offered a shop in Morpeth’s historic Swan Street. A shop space so perfect the decision was an instant 'YES'. The beautiful old sandstone building with its pitched gable roof, recycled furniture predominately from Suzanne's home, and of course the stunning display of flowers that spill out onto the street and have you wanting one of everything.

Morpeth florist, Hunter Valley florist | HUNTERhunter

166 Swan Street
Morpeth 2321
0448 598 965
Mon 10am-5pm
Tue 10am-5pm
Wed 10am-5pm
Thu 10am-5pm
Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun Closed
1: -32.724882
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