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Maxy + Mimi

Dudley's go-to coffee stop

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Kid-friendly, mum-friendly; all things friendly!
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Dudley’s not somewhere most of us would think to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, but Jemma’s relatively new cafe, Maxy + Mimi is here to help you step outside of your usual caffeine radius.


Originally from the U.K., Jemma now lives locally with her husband and children; Max & Imogen. Which is where the name came from!

“I used to work in hospitality, 10-11 years ago. I got out of it, did martial arts, had children and then this place came up for lease and I thought, why not. It’s never the right time but I’m going to do it”



Focussing on building not only a brilliant cafe with all the options you’d want but creating a space ready for young families with energetic little ones!

“I’ve tried to attack this in the perspective of a parent. You’ve got the area down the back for kids but if you want somewhere nice, trendy, relaxed and not with your kids; you can still come”

“At the back, we’ve got the kids area, and we put it there specifically so that kids can be kids. They don’t have to sit and wait for mum and dad… if they want to escape they can go down the back and play but it’s also far enough away from the door so that if you have a runner, you have enough time to get them!”

The coffee's good, the food's good and hey, it’s only just down the road from the beach. What more could you want?


“We use Sprocket roasters because they're a local family business…we wanted to be as local as we could be with everything”


Keeping the space simple, you can see why this is the go-to spot for young families to get out of the house.

“We’ve got a change-table, we’ve got high chairs and on the menu, we’ve got the kids snack pack”

Head down to Maxy + Mimi for a coffee catch up with friends, a solo r+r break or take the kids down for a babycino!

1/122 Ocean Street
Dudley 2290
0437 812 391
Maxy + Mimi
Mon 7.30am-1pm
Tue 7.30am-2pm
Wed 7.30am-2pm
Thu 7.30am-2pm
Fri 7.30am-2pm
Sat 7.30am-2pm
Sun 8.30am-1pm
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