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Love Beauty Foods

The homegrown beauty brand we need in our daily routine

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The relaxed beachside suburb of Newcastle East is typically bustling with café-goers, keen surfers, backpackers & locals enjoying a Sunday stroll.
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What you probably don’t know is that it is also home to Newcastle’s own organic beauty brand, Love Beauty Foods.
Specialising in natural and organic beauty products, Love Beauty Foods boasts an impressive lineup of today’s it-products: from beauty elixirs to floral-infused bath teas and charcoal teeth whitener.
Born in the shabby chic kitchen of their seaside apartment, Love Beauty Foods bloomed from interest to business in January of this year for founders Will and Gabby.
“I went off the contraceptive pill after 10 years, and broke out in acne. It really sparked my interest in what we put into our bodies or onto our skin and how it makes you look and feel,” Gabby said.
Love Beauty Foods
Soon after, Gabby met Will, whose background was centred in wholefoods and organic produce. Together, they began experimenting with different superfood mixes and before long, noticed clearer skin and a dramatic increase in energy levels.
As friends and family became interested in their formulations, so too did overseas buyers and before long, they were shipping their first international order to a US department store. Today, the pair are focused on local markets and independent stockists to get their products out there in Newcastle.
Love Beauty Foods
For owner Will, creating high quality products means being involved in the development process from start to finish.
“We source our produce from some of the finest growers in Central NSW. Maintaining the integrity of the plants throughout the dehydration and fermentation process is really important and we are really careful who we work with.
“We mix our own formulations so we know exactly what is going into our products.”
Whilst the pairs Beauty Elixirs combine an exotic blend of unique superfoods and probiotic goodness, Gabby maintains their Tumeric Paste and Smile Dust Teeth Whitener are their two hero products.
“Our turmeric paste is great for inflammation, immunity and as a face mask, while our Smile Dust is super popular due to the cult status of similar products. Everyone loves white teeth!.”
With so much achieved in less than a year, it’s impossible not to be excited for this passionate and hard-working couple.
Love Beauty Foods
“Our next step is to move towards making our packaging 100% biodegradable. We just want to make sure that we don’t lose track of why we are doing this. I would rather grow slower and know that we are maintaining the integrity and authenticity of our products rather than sacrificing quality and affordability.”
So what does the future hold for LBF? A property in the Hunter, homegrown ingredients and products made on-site. Farm –to-table beauty products. Has a nice ring to it!


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