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This Is The Central Coast Frances
This Is The Central Coast Frances

Long Jetty With Lala

Long Jetty is a good time and definitely worth the trip

Long Jetty With Lala Image
For all you Newcastle people, I’d liken Long Jetty to Islington.
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There may have been a time where you would avoid Long Jetty at night time, but now it’s cool. You know what I mean? Your mum might even refer to it as “funky” but that’s not a word anyone should ever use.
Dapper Darlings
Long Jetty and Toowoon Bay are a good time and definitely worth the trip. Here’s what I recommend:

Look at the Jetty. It is, as its name would suggest, long.
Long Jetty



Once you’re done looking at the jetty and pondering why it is so long, start with a coffee.

In my humble opinion, you’ll find some of the best coffee at Flour & Co which also happens to be a super cool bakery. The pastries are certainly a factor in my deciding to frequent Flour & Co. A danish is a suitable breakfast, ok? and whilst technically in Toowoon Bay, it’s just around the corner from all the action.

Coffee by: No Label
Try the: Apple pie.
Long Jetty
Long Jetty

Right next door, you need to check out Bay Organics. Get a vegan salted caramel smoothie and feel happy on the inside. Kate and the team have created a beautiful space that also boasts some of the best smoothies on the coast.

Long Jetty
For lunch, I’m a bit of a sucker for The Green Tangerine. Coffee by the Little Marionette and a really great menu, these guys also manage to appeal to the dudes with a freaky good steak sandwich and a classic bacon and egg roll that is worth instagramming. Green Tangerine also bake their own bread, so don’t leave without a loaf!

Coffee by: Little Marionette
Try the: Green bowl / Salmon Bagel 

Green Tangerine

Green Tangerine


Next, you probably want to do some form of shopping. Along the main street, you’ll find cute homewares, vintage boutiques and a record store.

Must Visit:
Plain Janes - Clothing and homewares store that stocks some amazing Australian labels.
Page 1 - Cute little gift boutique
Shadow Bang - The interior of dreams, linen for days and a whole lot of Australian brands such as Zulu and Zephyr, Senso and Rollas

The Sound Exchange - For vinyl lovers spend hours rummaging for some absolute classics.
Lucky Surf & Supply - Surf shop and amazing coffee
Dapper Darlings - Vintage clothing heaven. 
Dapper Darlings



Then, head to The Local Leaf AKA the plant shop of dreams and convince yourself that this time you won’t kill your indoor plants. The guys will tell you that you aren’t a bad person and will restore your faith in your ability to look after living things.
Local Leaf Long Jetty
Before you leave, make sure to grab a sneaky Hrvst St cold pressed juice from The Glass Onion Society. We may have bought an ice block for the road too, because what kind of road trip doesn’t involve that? 

Glass Onion Long Jetty
Glass Onion Long JettyOn your way back North to the land of Newcastle, be sure to stop off at Norah Head for a sneaky dip. It’s an important part of the process, and don’t forget to wind the windows down in your car so your new indoor plant doesn’t die.


Long Jetty and Toowoon Bay is a good time and is definitely worth the trip!

Happy travels    



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