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Check out exactly what you can get up to in your Local Government Area

Little over doing the same thing day in day out during lockdown? We’ve pulled together this guide on all the things you can do during lockdown within Newcastle’s Local Government Area. From places to get food and drink takeaway and delivered, to retail shops offering delivery or click and collect options and places you can explore on your daily exercise routine.

Not sure if you’re considered a part of the Newcastle LGA? For a full list of suburbs that sit within the Newcastle LGA, click here.

First things first, where can you get out and pick up your daily coffee, tasty lunch, or order in a delicious dinner?


We’ve done all of the work for you to find out exactly who's open and when they're open! For our comprehensive guide to restaurants, bars, and pubs offering takeaway click here.

Or, if it’s coffee and café eats you’re after, click here! Have we missed somewhere? Email us!

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw


What about a cocktail? Keen to enjoy a quality crafted cocktail at the comfort of your own home? Or need to celebrate something but can’t get to your favourite bar? To find out which bars are slinging out their best cocktail creations for you to enjoy at home click here.

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw


What about local fruit and veg delivery? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide of who is offering delivery and what you can order, to check it out click here


Support your favourite local retailers and check out their online offering whether it's click & collect or you can get your goodies delivered directly to your door, to check the full list click here

Maybe you can’t get to your favourite coffee shop to purchase those delicious bags of beans that you so require, explore the range of local coffee roasters offering online ordering of their beans and click here.

If you're fully loaded up with coffee and beans you can still support your local cafe by purchasing some of their very own merchandise. To see if your local café favourite offers their very own merchandise goods click here.

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw


Need to stock up the alcohol cabinet? Check what bottleshops and local distilleries are now offering local delivery and takeaway by clicking here.

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw


What about sending someone a beautiful bunch of blooms to show them you’re thinking of them or bring a little joy into their lockdown life? To check out which florists across Newcastle that are still operating and delivering their floral goods click here.


Need an excuse to get outside and stretch those legs? Look no further! We’ve got a long list of places to explore to get in your daily exercise across Newcastle.

Explore Newcastle on foot
With so many beautiful spots around town and beyond, we’re not short of places to explore. So, if you’re thinking about stretching those legs and breathing in the fresh winter air, we’ve compiled the ultimate walking and hiking tracks around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Happy exploring!

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw

Verse someone in Wall Ball
A personal favourite, this has got to be one of those things that Newcastle is just naturally known for; our love of wall ball! There’s a couple of courts set up over at Empire Park, and whilst there’s no booking as such, there is definitely an unspoken rule of waiting your turn. You might wait a little while, but it’s a good mix-up for your fitness regime.

Drop-in at The Bowl
Bit of a skate fanatic? Whether that’s skateboarding, rollerskating, rollerblading, or anything and everything in between, you’ve got to try your hand at the iconic Bowl at Bar Beach. Not quite sure you’re ready for the bowl? Head on down to the old pond at Foreshore Park and test your skills on novice ground.

Join an Online Class
Still keen to get your daily exercise in but not too comfortable to venture out just yet? Never fear! Some of Newcastle’s best-known fitness and wellness studios have taken their classes online!

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw

Get on your bike!
Dust off the old bike in the garage, make sure the brakes are working, the gears are in good nick and the tyres are pumped. Hit the pavement and start exploring Newcastle’s never-ending cycleways.

Explore a new park each day!
At home with the kids? Are they getting a bit bored of visiting the same old park day in day out? Click here and find a new park to venture to each day.  


Self Care Guide
We might still be in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little pamper sesh at home. Whilst all of our favourite hairdressers, beauty salons, massage therapists, are stuck not being able to work, many of these local businesses are still doing their part to help your beauty regime stay up to scratch.

Keep Intimacy Alive
We chat to local gal and pleasure positive sexuality professional, Abby Herrick of Pleasure & Peach to get suggestions for couples trying to keep intimacy alive during lockdown with the little ones at home.

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw

Get Amongst a Lockdown Kindness Project
With Newcastle heading into lockdown a few weeks back, the crew over at The Posy Post saw this as an opportunity to not only give back to their adoring customers, but to inject a lot of love, happiness, and kindness into the community.

Need a show to watch?
Don’t spend time scrolling trying to find something you’ll like, instead, use our guide on what we’ve been enjoying watching on all the streaming services over lockdown. We cover everything from drama to comedy and even some old-time classics.

Entertain The Kids
There is only so much screen time you can give your kids, so use this guide to keep them entertained day in day out!

Keen for a new read?
We love a new book here at HUNTERhunter, so much so we’ve shared all of our favourite books with you to keep you going over lockdown.

newcastle local government area lockdown restrictions nsw

Look forward to post-lockdown
We’re all a little bit over-talking about the same things during lockdown, and no doubt you’re sick of reading about it! So, to get you all excited, and to remind you that life does and will exist in a post-lockdown world, we’re sharing what's to look forward to in the not-so-distant future.

Have we missed somewhere? Email us!