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After 28 years, Newcastle gym favourite Planet Fitness is re-branding...

It was 1994 when Dallas Rosekelly first opened the doors to Planet Fitness, a revolutionary health and fitness business that became a game changer for the Newcastle region. 

Almost 30 years later Planet Fitness has not only become synonymous with health and fitness but a trusted family run business that has been passed down to Dallas’ daughters Gjenae and Montana.

urth fitness newcastle nsw

Whilst Planet Fitness continues to power on, the need to remain at the top of their game, and relevant within the fast paced world of health and wellness has never been more important, which has us sharing some big news!

On November 14th Planet Fitness rebranded to Urth Fitness, in the process moving away from those iconic orange and purple colours in what is a massive step for the much-loved local business.

Speaking with Gjenae, Montana and Dallas we caught up with the trio to chat us through what has brought about the name, and colour, change and what we can expect from Urth.

Lovely to see you all, thanks for meeting up. November 14 is going to be a significant day for you all. Can you take us through what brought about the decision to change the name of Planet Fitness?

Dallas: We are refreshing and rejuvenating the much loved Planet Fitness brand, after almost 30 years! The USA style of ‘Planet Fitness’ will be expanding nationally, with us on board, however our three Newcastle gyms will be evolving on their own. Our Urth Fitness model is unique, as we will always have Group Fitness, Infrared Sauna and always be locally and family owned.

What type of gym experience will Urth bring to Newcastle?

Gjenae: Firstly, Urth Fitness has provided some huge renovations and equipment upgrades to bring a state of the art gym experience. With our quality equipment we also have our luxurious spa to aid relaxation and recovery. 

We think the gym is part of your lifestyle, and supports your mental health. Our spa encapsulates this- with an infrared sauna, hydro-massage lounges, massage chairs, and my personal favourite the spray tan booths. We want Urth Fitness to be the wellness gym of the future, and continue to grow.

urth fitness gym newcastle

Planet Fitness is known for its super cheap memberships, will anything change there? 

Gjenae: We will always keep our promise of affordability- our memberships will always start from just $5! It shouldn't be a luxury to own a gym membership, we firmly believe everyone should be able to afford access to a gym, and we are proud to be the most affordable gym in Newcastle.”

Has there been any changes to the ownership of the business?

Dallas: There have been no changes in ownership- Urth Fitness is still proudly owned and run by the same local family who started it almost 30 years ago. As fitness itself is a journey, we continue to evolve our business, and always will.  

For existing customers what changes can they expect from November 14th?

Montana: Each of the clubs have had mega facelifts and new signage in the calming Urth tones. Lambton has a brand new outdoor functional training area, we’ve restored the group fitness wooden floorboards, and added heaps of new cardio and strength machines. There is new rubber flooring in the stretching areas, and a fancy new neon sign.

Charlestown has an entirely new full range of cardio machines, full range of pin loaded machines, new plate loaded machines, including 2 Smith Machines, new dumbbells, and the reception has also had a reno. Belmont has also received an entirely new full range of cardio machines, new pin loaded machines, and new plate loaded machines including 2 Smith Machines. The reception and bathrooms have also received upgrades and there’s more to come soon.

urth fitness newcastle

For someone who is considering joining a gym, can you take us through why they should look at Urth.

Montana: If you have ever felt intimidated walking into a gym before, if you want a place that gives you relaxation and recovery options after your workout, a place that greets you with welcoming and smiling faces that also cheer you on and are proud of your progress, a social environment filled with people who feel the same as you, or just a gym where you feel you will belong- then Urth Fitness is the health and wellness gym, for U.

After almost 30 years it’s a massive change, will you be sad to see the Planet Fitness name, and colours, change?

Gjenae: I will be the first to say- I am SO HAPPY to no longer be purple! Our new colours and logo are so soothing, and really show our evolution.

Dallas: We will always love the Planet Fitness brand, and are excited to see the USA style expand over Australia. However, our Newcastle gyms needed a refresh and this next stage into Urth Fitness feels incredible.

What are you most looking forward to with the launch of Urth?

Gjenae: Our business has always been about our members, so I have just been enjoying all of the positive member's reactions to the upgrades and changes. Everything we do is for them!

Montana: The most wonderful part has been sharing the excitement of Urth with our community of members, guests and team. Urth is a reflection of where fitness and wellness is moving in Newcastle, and the launch invites everyone to enjoy in this new and energising feeling of moving forward.

To find out more about Urth Fitness visit their website or follow them on Instagram.