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Immerse yourself within interactive environments in virtual reality

Nothing is off limits, let your imagination run wild!

So the other day I had just your typical morning; walking a plank out of a high-rise building, then jumping off that building, flying, standing under water as a gigantic whale swam next to me, shooting arrows to protect a gate from being beaten down, flying a jet and painting in 3D! 

Technology is really starting to take on a whole new level, and at UnrealVR at Charlestown anyone can go in and experience it for themselves. The concept of time is forgotten as you immerse yourself and get lost in virtual reality.

The interactive environments can be tailored to your creative and adventurous taste with there being no limits, even those with a physical disability can walk around in virtual reality.

Not just for fun, virtual reality can be used for educational, learning, therapy and building purposes. Looking through the screens of the head mounted display; virtual reality is something you have to experience for yourself to understand how incredible this technology actually is.

The family run business has four VR stations as well as a driving and flight simulator.

UnrealVR is an affordable activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. I recommend everyone go and give it a try!