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Unexpected Exit

Newcastle's Escape Room

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...with literally seconds on the clock we were down to our final code!

12 family members (shout out to the grandparents for the Xmas present) in the one room for 50 minutes while trying to crack numerous codes to unlock the door to get out…how hard could it be?? Right?

The original plan was to book two rooms, split up boys versus girls and compete to see which group would make it out first (the girls would obviously).

However, someone (*cough* me) accidentally only booked one room on the correct date…oops! And so that is how ALL 12 of us ended up in the one room…fun!

Turns out, it was fun…and I'm 110% certain none of us would have come close to making it out of that room without all 12 of our brains.

If you haven't experienced an escape room before I don't want to give anything away, the less you know the better. But I will say this, we did the Deranged Scientist Room, and while you don't need any science knowledge as such, you do need to be able to think outside the box (I was hopeless).

With literally seconds remaining we were down to our final code. But something was missing. Damn it, where the hell was it? Time was up. We were given an extra 5 minutes, but we felt defeated.

Eventually the guy came in and gave us a little helping hand. We had cracked all the codes we unfortunately had just overseen one small little thing.

So, yes, our photo does say 'nailed it'…you just can't see the small font that adds "so close yet so far"!