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Two Birds Brewing

Meet the ladies behind Australia’s first female-owned brewing company, Two Birds Brewing

Melbourne-based brewery, Two Birds Brewing, is Australia's first female-owned brewing company, and is headed by Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen; the two birds developing sophisticated, approachable beers for every occasion.

Launching in 2011 with a single beer, Two Birds Brewing is going from strength to strength with a range of ales and cider all year round. Limited releases include the Mexican-inspired Taco Cerveza and a delicious-sounding beverage called Chirpy. 

We put a few questions to Jayne Lewis, to discover a little bit more about Two Birds Brewing:

Jayne, you studied Viticulture and Winemaking, what was it that drew you to beer?
I saw a lot more opportunity to push boundaries with brewing. I love how my science brain and creative brain can come together to reflect what I love. I mean, I recently did a beer called Blame It On My Juice, Big A$$ NEIPA for Lizzo! 

Can you tell us more about Chirpy? Where can we find it?
Chirpy was a bit of a fun experiment for us. It's not a beer. It's a refreshing grapefruit soda style drink, inspired by alcoholic seltzers, which are huge in the US. It's on tap in limited release around the country, we'll hopefully keep having fun with the style and release some more soon! 

You've managed to convert at least a couple of coriander-haters* with your Mexican-inspired Taco Cerveza, do you have any other equally loved/hated ingredients you'd like to conquer?

Coriander really does divide people, so it's hard to think of another ingredient that has the same impact on people. Maybe liquorice? Or pickles?

*see DeeBrief's Taste Test here

What is 2020 Warrior Woman? Will it be present at Newcastle Beer Fest?
Warrior Woman is our special release for International Women's Day. It's an XPA or Extra Pale Ale, made with peaches grown from my own backyard. An XPeachA! While it's not going to make it to Newcastle Beer Fest, you'll be able to find it in over 200 venues around the country!

What's the best part about owning and running a brewery?
The endless beer of course! 

Do you have any advice for friends wanting to start up a new business?
Let your friends and family know what you are planning to do and why and welcome those that offer to help. Being surrounded by positive people that have your back, makes everyday that little bit easier to navigate.   

I love the names of your products! Do you have a bunch of puns just waiting for a beer flavour to match?
Oh yes, we have so many! One of our brewers is a real wizard when it comes to puns, he's helped name quite a few of our limited releases now. 

To discover more about Two Birds Brewing, click here.


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