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There's no time like now than to grab a pen and get lettering

If now isn’t the best time for us to learn how to slow things down and appreciate all the little things in life, I’m not sure what is! One thing I’ve been keen to get back into, and now with having a bucketload of time on my hands, is letter writing!

Back in 2014, I was living in London and rather than communicating through online platforms all the time, I used to love spending time on hand-written letters (with my terribly unique handwriting) to send to loved ones. But since returning home, I’ve not fallen back into it. But now has made for the perfect time to spend getting in contact with loved ones (both near and far) through the art of letter writing.

Chatting to the creative gals over at Honest Paper (Gabi & Bella), we talk about the benefits of putting pen to paper, how to get the kids involved and we even touch on some ideas to get the ball (point pen) rolling!

Now, you girls are obviously a fan of all things stationery and of course sending mail; but why exactly do you love it so much?

It’s a bit of a philosophy of ours really, and partly the reason we began. While it’s quite easy to comment ‘happy birthday’ on social media or to send a quick SMS, there is something more to be found in the thoughtful act of putting pen to paper — it slows us down and brings out the humanity in us all. It keeps us honest. And on the receiving end, there’s no denying the excitement as you find something other than bills in your letterbox! It’s a gift of another kind to know someone has taken the time pen you some words of their own.

Slow things down and get stuck into writing to your nearest and dearest.
Honest Paper Studio - Airmail
Honest Paper Studio - Airmail

Whilst we’re all stuck in isolation, do you have any suggestions of what people can do to keep entertained?

Oh boy, do we have ideas! A few of our favourite iso activities; you could try your hand at writing with a fountain pen, kit out your home office with some new stationery or decorate your walls with art. Another practice to try is gratitude journaling. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and so much of if it is out of our control, but taking note of positive things can be a really helpful and simple meditation.

Not just in the current climate, but in normal day-to-day; do you two like to send letters?

I think I speak for both of us when I say until now our letter writing customs have been quite similar to our card sending. Basically, saved for special occasions and difficult messages. I think it’s okay to admit that a lot of us are looking inwards right now and considering different ways we can be good friends and tell our family that we love them. That said, I do hope the things we learn in this time are remembered in the days to come. Maybe one of those things will be the resurfaced art of letter writing?

Talk me through your letter writing range.

Would you believe Bella & I had already begun working on this range long before Corona was a household name? With lots of requests and very few options out there, we took it upon ourselves to design some of our own letter writing stationery.

On our website, you will find a selection of our designs among a few new options from our favourite Australian makers; Bespoke Letterpress and Fox & Fallow. Here you’ll find an array of writing paper options, some pads, and some loose-leaf, collection complete with a handful of envelopes to suit.

Bespoke Letterpress - Blomstra Bird Twig
Bespoke Letterpress - Blomstra Bird Twig

Can we purchase stamps through you too?

Sure can. We recently registered as a reseller so you can order your cards, writing paper and stamps all in one place. All you’ll need to do is pop your letter in your local post-box! Here’s a helpful link to find one close to you.

What about the kids! Do you have any kid-friendly writing products?

We’ve designed a handful of instant PDF downloads! We made these particularly for pre-schoolers missing their friends and those who are a little too young to keep in touch through social media and FaceTime.

These digital purchases include both the letter writing sheet and an envelope template too. So, without leaving the house, you’ve got a crafty social activity and all you need is some paper, glue, and scissors.

For those new to letter writing, have you got any conversation starters?

Here are some prompts to get you thinking…

- I don’t say ____ enough! So, I thought I’d send this letter *elaborate on your encouragement*
- I wish we could have been there to celebrate ____
- I’ve been enjoying/trying… / What iso activities are you enjoying/trying?
- Just checking in… / how are you going?
- Play 20 questions (there are plenty of pre-written ones online)!

And for the kids…

- Write/Draw a favourite memory/past time.
- Write/Draw about something you’re doing at home.
- Write/Draw your dream house/job/future.
- Write/Draw something you like about your friend.

And seriously, there is no pressure to be fancy with your words. Write how you speak, enjoy it, jot down your honest thoughts and remember to include questions if you’d like to keep the conversation going!

There’s never been a better time to put some pen to paper and send your loved ones a special note. To make it that little bit sweeter, do so with the range of letter writing products available over at Honest Paper.

Shop online here.