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Why more boys should be heading to the dance floor

If you have young boys in your house you’ll appreciate the need to find activities to release their endless supplies of energy.

More often than not, and perhaps without even thinking, that energy is steered towards the footy, soccer or cricket field rather than the dance floor.

So when we heard about a Boys Only Dance Class, a class that allowed young boys the chance to move in a structured and fun way we had to know more, and it was even more awesome than we could have imagined.

Chatting with Vicki and Brett, owners of the National College of Dance in Lambton, Vicki said,

“The boys' program was developed about two years ago, mainly because we were getting a lot of feedback from parents around some of the boys being interested in dance but not wanting to dance with the girls.

“At the time we also had quite a lot of older boys in the college but not so many of the younger ones so this was a great way to introduce them.

“Jake Burden, who is one of our teachers at the College, took on the boys program and at first the plan was to just create a fun program that wasn’t just ballet but covered off a bit of jazz, hip-hop, some running around and exercising. It started off as a 6 week program and we were inundated and the feedback was that the boys absolutely loved it.

“We then decided to open it up and it’s become more and more popular so we’ve split the classes into the 6 – 9 year olds and a 10 plus class.”

With a stigma definitely still attached to boys that choose to dance, what Vicki and Brett discovered was that it’s all about introducing them to the studio and allowing them to get the love of dance happening. The classes themselves offer a great support network with the boys making great friends with other boys who have a common interest.

“Nowadays it’s actually pretty cool to do dancing and it’s not as a big deal for boys, which I think has been helped a lot by TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Academy. The boys also get the opportunity to watch the older dancers in the other studios perform and be inspired which is amazing for them to be apart of."

So is your little man the dancing type? Is dancing for all young boys? We thought Vicki would be the best person to answer this...

"The classes are for any boys who are from beginner to intermediate in level. An interest in dance and movement to music is all that is required... it's all about having fun and being able to express yourself in a welcoming and supportive environment for the boys."