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No needles, surgery or downtime - My Thermage FLX Treatment experience

If I told you there was a new skin treatment in Newcastle that helped slow the facial clock down and allowed you to age gracefully, you’d want to know more, right?!

Well, let me introduce you to Thermage FLX. Coco Skin Laser Health’s newest skin tightening and contouring treatment - aka the fairy godmother of facial treatments.

Thermage flx at coco skin laser health

Not at all familiar with the name Thermage, I was invited into the beautiful Coco Clinic for a chat and the opportunity to have Coco’s first-ever Thermage FLX treatment. Thank you Coco!!

A little nervous as to what I had signed myself up for, I meet with the lovely Ellen, a Registered Nurse and Laser expert with more than 8 years’ experience, who explained what I was about to undergo and what I could expect post-treatment. Following the 20 minute consult, it was treatment time...

coco skin laser health newcastle nsw thermage flx

Whilst it may not be the most glamorous of treatments, btw the grid is only temporary, three things stood out for me both during and following my treatment.

1. It’s pretty much pain-free, apart from some sensitive areas on my jawline and upper lip, I would almost go as far as to say the treatment was a relaxing experience.

2. It’s quick! Including the pre-treatment chat, I was in and out of Coco's within 90 minutes. So no need to worry about getting a parking fine.

3. There was absolutely no after effects, no soreness, puffy face, or even redness, and I have super sensitive pinkish/white skin.

coco skin laser clinic thermage flx

Immediately following my treatment the skin tightening was visible, and when I touched and pinched my skin there was a noticeable improvement in the bounce. Two weeks on the tightening has continued to improve, particularly in the contouring around my jawline and cheekbones. One thing to note about Thermage FLX is, it's quite different from other treatments. Unlike botox, fillers or surgery where the results are quite dramatic, Thermage FLX is more subtle with Ellen saying,

“You’ll notice that your skin appears smoother and tighter. It helps to soften your wrinkles, and you will notice your facial features having more definition.”

Now if you’re wondering just how Thermage FLX works, as was I, Ellen explains,

"As we get older the collagen that keeps our skin firm breaks down which is why your skin starts to age, and you get those fine lines, and the drooping jowls."

"What Thermage does is, it heats the innermost layers of the skin which causes the collagen to contract and encourages new collagen to start growing, and it’s through this heating process that the smoothness and texture of the skin’s surface is improved."

How often do I need to have a Thermage FLX treatment for the best results?

"I recommend only one treatment in a 12 – 18 month period, for most people measurable results appear gradually in the four to six months following a single treatment and they can last up to 1-2 years depending on your skin condition and the aging process." 

If you're like me you will most likely have a whole lot more questions, and rightly so, Thermage FLX is an investment into your skin so I'd recommend checking out all the details at cocoskinlaserhealth/thermage and then arranging a time to speak to one of Coco Skin Laser Health's practitioners, and start winding back that clock!

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