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The Travel Elixir by Amy Wyatt

Holiday dreaming? Let The Travel Elixir make them happen

For many of us, enduring multiple lockdowns over the past two-and-a-half years resulted in perpetual daydreams of exotic locations further afield; we clung to our favourite memories of travel, wondering when—or if—we’d next get a chance to step out of a foreign airport into a new culture, time zone, climate, or hemisphere.

Amy Wyatt, founder of independent travel agency, The Travel Elixir, knows these feelings better than anyone, and now, with borders opening and international travel back on the cards, she is here to help you get back out there!  

The Travel Elixir

Whether you’ve dreamt of strolling barefoot along pristine beaches in the Maldives, cruising between Sicilian villages on a Vespa, or relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in Fiji, Amy’s passion for travel manifests in bespoke itineraries tailored specifically to you.

“Since the pandemic, people have had two-and-a-half years to think about where they want to go, and I want to work with my clients to start ticking those places off, and to start working through their bucket lists.”

Travel has always been a key part of who Amy is. Having travelled extensively throughout her childhood, and as a young adult, she says, “I’m always thinking about where I can go next, and what I can see or experience. Travel has really shaped the way I see the world … it’s challenged me and made me grow as a person.”

The Travel Elixir

With a lifetime of personal travel experience, and over 15-years of experience working in the field, Amy’s genuine excitement about helping others see the world is complemented by her in-depth industry knowledge, connections with world-class suppliers, and a palpable enthusiasm for building lasting relationships with clients.

She strives to work closely and collaboratively with her clientele, ensuring that she gets to know them personally, understands their likes and dislikes, and, on that basis, can develop itineraries for them that will result in life-changing, memorable travel experiences to cherish forever.  

“Everything I do is about relationships, and the more I get to know people, the better I can personalise an experience and tailor it to them. I’ve had clients where we start by planning their honeymoon, and then they might have kids so we move on to organising family trips. It’s so nice for me to see people experience different destinations and grow.” 

The Travel Elixir

Amy began her career in travel by completing training with Flight Centre before shifting into the boutique travel industry. Though these experiences were instrumental in her development as an industry professional, she had always dreamed of starting her own business. But like many small businesses, she could not have foreseen the devastating impacts of the pandemic, and was forced to temporarily shut her doors. 

“I never in my wildest dreams expected something like Covid-19 … The travel industry has had to cope with a lot of changes over time—we’ve faced 9/11, the Global Financial Crisis, swine flu—but we’ve never had to navigate something this dramatic, where borders are shut completely, and for such an extended period of time.” 

Despite the obvious hardships, Amy says that without the volume of tourists to accommodate over the past two years, the travel industry has been able to focus on reinvigorating its offerings.

“Those who’ve stayed in the industry are the ones who are truly passionate about it, and they’ve used the time to upskill and retrain… things have changed across the travel landscape and I think there’s so much more to discover now.” 

The Travel Elixir

Amy acknowledges, however, that the industry has suffered significantly, and service levels are not what they once were. Now more than ever, forward planning is critical to ensure you can have the trip you’ve spent the past few years imagining.   

“I’ll really try my best if a client wants me to make a trip happen, but the fact of the matter is that if there’s not enough lead-time, especially for popular destinations like Fiji, Japan, or Italy, you just don’t have the amount of choice, and you’re paying a premium. If you want to be travelling in 2023, you need to be planning now.” 

Planning and booking a trip through The Travel Elixir has a range of benefits, designed to help you beat crowds, have more unique experiences, and stress less about logistics. Over the course of her career, Amy has positioned herself in reliable communities of travel advisors and suppliers that share resources and insights into hotels, experiences, and destinations across the globe.

The Travel Elixir

In particular, with Covid-19 and its associated restrictions liable to disrupt travel plans at any time, guidance to plan and book your dream journey is crucial. Amy’s ability to liaise directly with trusted airline, accommodation, and insurance suppliers saves time and stress for her clients, while also elevating the overall quality of their experience, ensuring her travellers are looked after for the duration of their trip.  

Next on Amy’s own itinerary? "I'm off to Rwanda to go trekking with the gorillas!"

On this trip, she’s prioritising responsible, or ‘slow’ travel, staying at lodges that actively engage with, and give back to, their communities through programs in education, conservation and reforestation, as well as female ranger programs working against poaching. 

“Travel is one of the greatest privileges we have. It’s a discretional spend so if you’re going to do it, you want to do it in a way that helps the local community. You can still travel and be comfortable, but there are ways of doing that mindfully which we’re starting to see more and more.” 

The Travel Elixir is set to officially re-launch in mid-November, and those who sign up to Amy’s database prior to 15 November enter a draw to win one of the following prizes: 

  • Grand prize: Two complimentary nights (including breakfast) for two people at any of the 11 stunning Myconian Collection hotels in Mykonos, Greece (redeemable via The Travel Elixir for stays May-June and September-October 2023) 
  • Second prize: Stunning cookbook from Singita, to bring the flavours of Africa to your very own kitchen 
  • Third prize: A framed wildlife photo from one of Singita’s resident photographers, Ross Couper 

To organise a virtual or in-person meeting so you can start ticking those long-awaited adventures off your bucket list, contact Amy at The Travel Elixir.

The Travel Elixir by Amy Wyatt