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An international story that just happens to be set here in Newcastle

The Scott Sisters of Ash Island is a story about Survival, Loss, Family, Art, Science and Conservation. A story of two teenage sisters ignoring obstacles and turning the science world on its head at a time when women couldn’t study science.

Harriet and Helena Scott produced work so accurate and ground-breaking it is still used 170 years later, and the best part to this doco is that the story happened right here in Newcastle.

Produced as a part of a much larger 'Stories of Our Town' project, the series of 12 short stories will each tell a different aspect of Newcastle's history, as told by those who lived it.

These uniquely Newcastle films are being brought to life thanks to the dedication of musician, historian, director and TV personality Glenn Dormand - aka 'Chit Chat von Loopin Stab' from Australian group Machine Gun Fellatio, and Tony Whittaker of Carnivore Films.

Produced in partnership with Port of Newcastle, University of Newcastle, The Newcastle Museum and Library and Art Gallery, the Real Film Festival, the Australian Museum, NBN and the Newcastle Herald, to name a few, Glenn described the project as, 'something we can all be proud of, it’s time to present Newcastle and our stories on the International stage.'

To learn more about and project and view the Star Riot Hotel and the BHP Newcastle films head to Stories of Our Town, or click play on The Scott Sisters of Ash Island film below. #storiesofourtown